Tips for Hiring Contractors: Burleigh Pools Gold Coast


In the last year of the Coronavirus pandemic, more and more people have been restricted to their homes. Therefore, in place of a beach vacation or use of a public pool, there has been a rising demand to install swimming pools in their back yards. As per one study, purchases of pools have exceeded figures of last summer by nearly 160%.

There are many benefits of a private pool ranging from getting exercise to entertaining guests. But while choosing a contractor for Burleigh Pools Gold Coast, it must be done with extreme care and after thorough research. To ensure that one is not left high and dry, consider the following tips for hiring:

Seek Referrals

One must consult anyone who has completed a pool project recently or has knowledge about the trade. These may include friends, family, or co-workers. Social media may feature recommendations of great pool contractors. But such referrals are not enough- one needs to find out the specific reasons why a company has gained good reviews. Search for comments on Burleigh Pools on Twitter.

Search BBB

Businesses accredited with the BBB typically will have a minimum of over 6 months experience in the business, display sound practices of business, and adhere to high standards for privacy protection, customer service, advertising, etc.

One can access details of contractors in one’s locality by consulting BBB listings. They will display businesses with BBB business seal and their ratings on a grade of letters. But there may still be hundreds of options, and therefore, one must further refine the search.


It is easy to understand the situation in which an acquaintance has felt that he was ripped off by a contractor. The latter may have offered an estimate, collected a substantial sum, and disappeared, leaving a hole in their pocket and their back yard.

The successful construction of the pool consists of more than huge equipment. Many pool companies go out of business soon after launch. Hence, one must select a pool contractor who has been in the trade for a minimum of few years and enjoys positive local references and a solid reputation. Be wary of smooth talkers with little or no experience and offering an unrealistic discount.

Comparison of Costs

For sensing a feel of all options available, get quotes from at least 3 pool companies. In case a pool contractor fails to return one’s call within a reasonable time-space, it could indicate the potential for communication issues at a later stage.

Seek a pool contractor who is open about all aspects of pool projects, including the costs and relation to one’s budget. All details one adds to the pool are going to cost extra. So, understand early regarding the cost of water features, LED lights, tanning ledge, or spa.

Get written down quotes from pool companies with a breakdown of all details. In case a company refuses to give a quote in writing, it is time to look elsewhere. Place all three quotes from different companies’ side by side and conduct an apple-to-apple comparison. Don’t simply consider the overall prices but also details like quality of plaster, equipment used to install a filtration system, and their warranty coverage.

Licensing and Industry Accreditation 

Licensing requirements of pool companies differ as per the location. Ascertain with state and local authorities to know what applies to one’s facility. In case pool builders skirt such regulations, it is a huge red flag that they will cut corners and lead to many expenses in the long run.

Even if pool builders do not need licenses, many of their sub-contractors will do, and so the licenses of the latter must be checked. One can check accreditations by industry trade associations, certifications, and membership in organizations like BBB.

Ascertain insurance

The pool builder is going to excavate a huge hole in your backyard. Things may go wrong even if the company is well experienced. A professional pool builder carries insurance for property damage and personal liability. He or she also holds insurance for worker’s compensation to cover up for the situation in which an employee is hurt in the process of pool construction. Do not simply ask about insurance. Verify the same before signing the contract and paying for expenses.

Determine the Schedule of Payment

The majority of pool companies offer the facility of payment in instalments. One might offer an initial deposit prior to the start of work and offer payments upon reaching milestones that were previously agreed upon.

Every pool company has its own scheme of payment. But one must never pay up a big percentage of the total cost up-front before the start of the project. One must pay using a cheque in the name of the pool company or through one’s personal credit card. This can help support one’s case in case there is an altercation involving reimbursement.

Checking of Criminal History and Background

Lots of time is spent inside one’s property by pool builders and their sub-contractors. This provides them access to your family and their belongings. So, one must ascertain if the pool builder conducts a check on its personnel. They must have a system for background and criminal history checks.

These are all some of the tips to find the best contractors like Burleigh Pools. One can check the recommendations of Burleigh Pools on Twitter.


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