Things you need to know about EMI shielding


EMI shielding cans are used to protect specific electronic device components from harmful radiation at the source. The cans are available in standard sizes and are also custom made depending on your equipment and requirement. Many EMI shielding products suppliers manufacture precision shields, which are available for your circuit board shielding needs. You can use first-rate thin metal shielding material for different electronic devices or applications. Shielding product manufacturers who are reputed have the knowledge and technical skills can design precision EMI and RFI fences, cans, and lids.

You should always look for EMI Shields that can be used in component spaces that require extreme manufacturing tolerances, where the manufacturers can design electronic component proximities into micro sub-assemblies and PCBs

  • EMI lids, cans, and covers

These are mostly custom designed and fabricated to produce intricate designs and shapes with integrated etched blend lines, using different kinds of alloys and metals. In the case of fences, they are included in the design or created separately for shielding purposes. Custom made EMI are generally available for an array of on board PCB applications as well as other EMI shielding requirements for OEM.

  • Use of small pins for EMI shielding

The manufacturers use small clips or pins that have removable covers all PCB shield can pin their EMI shielding system to provide maximum protection against unwanted interference. There are many benefits of using these clips

  • You can easily and flexibly use these pins on the board
  • They require little space to position on the printed board
  • If you are using the clip-on shielding system for heavy-duty electronic applications, you can secure the lid with soldering. This is possible by joining the lid to the pins and clips.

You should keep in mind that, although EMI shielding cans are combined with clips or pins to secure the can onto the PCB for a tighter grip, the main purpose for designing the products is to facilitate the removal of cans for repair or maintenance.

  • EMI shielding for diverse applications

In case, you need to protect yourself from harmful emissions and are looking for circuit boarding shielding, a smartphone, or shielding material for aerospace and military tools, you will get a wide range of shielding products based on your specification. It doesn’t matter what you want, you will find everything. Whether you need RF micro-level Shields, old PCB shields, the manufacturers can custom build anything for you.

  • The photochemical machining process for electronic devices

If you are thinking of protecting your electronic devices from harmful radiation and want to improve the performance of the device, the photochemical machining process is the best. The Method is used for photo etching brass, Tin, copper, bronze, nickel, steel, nickel silver, aluminium, stainless steel, magnetic alloys, molybdenum, and beryllium copper.

  • Industry use

Circuit board shielding products are used in multiple industries, Like, communications, military, defence, aerospace, computer and electronics, hybrid circuits, medical instrumentation, laser, interconnect assemblies, stacked memory interconnect modules, Telecommunications, data processing, control systems, solar, strategic weapon systems, and recording.


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