Things To Know About Merchant Services For Veterinary Practices


Veterinary practice requires you to spend a lot of time with the patient and the last thing you would want is to deal with problems related to payment of your services. So, you must look for the good and reliable veterinary merchant services for your veterinary practice so that it helps your business to be more efficient and makes your patients happy with a great service. The merchant services today provide credit card processing, mobile payments, and other payment options. You should know the following things before you finally choose a merchant service for your veterinary practice.

PCI compliance

PCI compliance is the security checklist that the merchant service must follow. It protects your payments from fraud and ensures that no sensitive data is lost, whether it’s personal or financial. You must ensure that the merchant service that you choose is PCI compliant; else, you might have to deal with fraudulent transactions which can have a devastating effect on your business. So choosing a merchant service that is fully PCI compliant will reduce any financial risk.

Payment model

The merchant services offer various types of payment options. You must understand the pricing model and the related fees. The most common pricing models are fixed, tiered, and interchange plus. Among these, the interchange-plus pricing model is the most affordable one. The processor’s margin remains the same in this pricing model despite the volume of transactions.

EMV technology

Make sure that the merchant service you choose uses EMV technology. This technology will protect your business from chargebacks and fraudulent transactions. In case any fraudulent activities take place the bank will be responsible for it; so you will be compensated. You should have the best credit card processing system so that people can pay using any card conveniently. The best credit card processing system ensures that it is safe to make any transaction.

Mobile credit card processing

Some veterinary practices require that the payment must be made remotely. In such a case you need a mobile credit card processing option. It is a great alternative to the traditional credit card processing system as it is fast and reliable.

So, for your veterinary practice, you must choose the best merchant service that can give you a good pricing model, security, standard, EMV technology, and mobile credit card processing option. With a good merchant service, you won’t have to worry about the payments and the customers will be happy too for getting such a reliable service.


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