Things To Do, To Improve Your Retirement Planning With PNB Housing Finance


Your life after retirement can become a little challenging if you don’t plan for it appropriately. That is why experts recommend preparing yourself financially to ensure your life doesn’t get affected due to a halt in regular income. The only problem here is that people don’t know how exactly they can plan for their retirement. In case you are one of them, here are some pointers to help you out. These will assist you in achieving your goal with schemes like PNB Housing Finance FD.

#1 Cope Large Expenses With Loans

When significant expenses like your child’s wedding or higher education kicks in, your first choice is to take funds from your savings. This is where you can go wrong. It is always a bad idea to disturb your years of savings to cope with the considerable demands of funds. Instead of doing this, you can opt for loans. There are several kinds of loans offered by PNB Housing Finance at excellent interest rates.

You can conveniently handle the expenses with these loans and repay them through easy EMI options. This way, your savings won’t get disturbed, and your purpose will get fulfilled.

#2 Opt For FD Options

Along with keeping your funds safe, you also need to put them in a place where they can grow with time. The benefit of PNB Housing Finance FDs is that they not only offer great and guaranteed returns but also don’t risk your money. It means you will be able to use your funds whenever you wish to without being answerable to anyone.

The retirement FDs also offers several notable benefits, such as:

  • Tax deduction of up to Rs. 50,000 on the income earned through interest.
  • Flexible deposit amount and tenure that you can select as per your convenience.
  • Better interest rates as compared to general FD plans

And the list goes on.

Plus, you must know that FDs are considered to be one of the best and most reliable investment options for senior citizens because it provides both security and high FD rates. These features usually don’t come together in other kinds of investment options. But the perks can only be obtained when you keep your funds in trusted banks like PNB Housing Finance.

#3 Opt For FD Loans

In case you don’t manage to qualify for the kinds of loans offered by PNB Housing Finance, there is also an option of FD loans. Under this, you can take up to 75% of your FD deposit without even disturbing your savings. The loan will get repaid in the way you want. In short, it is like keeping your FD funds as collateral for borrowing 75% worth amount from the bank.

It means your FD amount and its interest will be kept safe while you can still enjoy using the money for different purposes. It is a great way to ensure you never run out of funds.


You can easily follow these three points and keep your life after retirement secured with PNB Housing Finance. You can also contact their experts to learn more about any of the schemes. They will guide you through everything.


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