Things to Consider While Making Online Credit Card Payments

Credit Card Charges

According to data from 2019, credit card use had grown by 27% in a year, a rise that is expected to grow even further this year. This report also suggested the number of unique users ranges above 25 million. Understandably, this also suggests rising numbers in online transactions, owing to its convenience.

With the rise in online transactional facilities, a significant issue of concern that has come up is that of identity theft and allied malpractices. Online credit card payment is extremely convenient; As a result, it has also been threatened by many scammers as well as fraudsters. To ensure the safekeeping of these credit accounts, there are some basic things that should be considered by its users.

These are discussed below in detail –

  • Safekeeping of confidential information: There are quite a few confidential details that accompany a credit card. This includes PIN, card number, CVV, etc. Users should also blacken their CVV numbers on their cards to prevent information leakage if they are stolen by any chance.
  • Providing only necessary information: Be it an online credit card payment or registering a card for regular bill clearance, users should not divulge any information unless it is compulsory. Providing such details can be detrimental if these sites or devices are hacked.
  • Using strong passwords: Individuals using such financial tools should select strong account passwords that cannot be guessed even by their close ones, let alone hackers. This includes avoiding common PINs like birthdays or phone numbers.
  • Website authenticity and security: One of the basic ways to protect a credit card from being hacked is that of avoiding websites that are not secure. Many such websites have pop-up options, which are often used by hackers to infiltrate and extract confidential information.
  • Avoiding public networks: Avoiding public networks and computers is another security measure that must be implemented. These networks and devices are often targeted by hackers since they are easy to infiltrate and steal information from individuals.
  • Using antivirus and malware preventive tools: Individuals availing the options of online credit card payment should consider installing antivirus and other malware preventive tools, be it their personal computer or their phones. This does not just ensure the safety of their card but also prevents malware that might harm their devices.
  • Tracking statements: While this is not a preventive method, tracking statements is the best way to check if there has been any unauthorized activity using a specific card. Users should check every detail of their transactions, and in case there is any discrepancy, the respective lender should be immediately contacted.
  • Opting for cards with security features – Credit cards like the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard come with features like in-hand security and zero fraud liability cover. These protect cardholders from cybercrime and other online threats.

Bajaj Finserv also provides pre-approved offers that make credit application easy and hassle-free. Such offers are provided on various financial products, including credit cards, personal loans, business loans, etc. You can easily check your pre-approved offer by providing personal details like name and phone number.

It is advisable for potential users to enforce these tips for online credit card payment, the moment they have their first card since potential financial loss and hassle can be immense. Once an individual is well aware of these safety protocols, they can easily avail their cards via online application.

Along with the security tips discussed above, credit card users should also note a few things while availing such a financial tool. The most important issue is that of their bill payment, especially since default or delay in their clearance can depreciate an individual’s CIBIL score. This can seriously impact the future prospects of borrowing.

To avoid such a situation, there are a few things one must know about their credit card repayment to ensure timely clearance every month. In this regard, safe advice is that of linking one’s financial account to enforce direct bill payment without delay. 


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