The Video Game That Changed Soccer


Seeing the title alone is enough to have you guessing which game could that be.

Well, you don’t have to go wild guessing, the answer could be closer than you may imagine it to be and it’s no game other than FIFA.

You read me right, I mean FIFA.

I was inspired by a written piece I found in New York Time’s website. It speaks about how video games are shaping the way soccer is played, so everything here would be based on my individual interpretations from there and quite a few other sources.

To be unbiased as a FIFA fan, I acknowledge that FIFA isn’t the only franchise that did change soccer, there are other games too, but because it is indeed the mastermind, I’ll dedicate the credits to it.

Now, let’s get into the main deal.

If you aren’t so caught up in playing FIFA, I guess you wouldn’t see this coming, but for all diehard FIFA gamers, we already knew that some-day, real soccer players would be influenced by it.

The word FIFA is outright synonymous to both the soccer governing body and the video game, and for many people across the world, the EA game is a total reflection of real-world soccer.

Ibrahimovic once portrayed that he would more often than not, spot solutions in games that he would parlay when it comes to real life.

The Dortmund center-back Mats Hummels when he was in Bayern Munich had aired out that some people use their learnt FIFA gaming skills when they find themselves on the pitch.

Real players are so caught up with FIFA that they pay attention to their appearances in the game.

One good instance I could remember is when the Belgian professional attacker Eden Hazard during his Chelsea days (earlier left for real Madrid) once complained that he is about 3cm to 5cm shorter on FIFA game compared to his real and physical height.

Another thing worth pointing out is the fact that the data collected by the EA sports game is so precise to the point that soccer teams are beginning to leverage it in identifying potential recruits.

This same game data had also been leveraged by teams in studying the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents.


Final Thoughts

Gone are the days when the ball seems to be glued to the players’ feet and have us acknowledge a huge disparity between the video game and that in the real world.

We are now in a new era and with teams & players using the game data to reflect on their strategies, we’re expecting the game to bring about profound changes when it comes to how soccer is being played.

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