The Ultimate Guide To a Amazing Sencha Green Tea

The Ultimate Guide To a Amazing Sencha Green Tea

One of the most beloved types of teas today is the sencha green tea. Sencha green tea has gained massive popularity and sees many new enthusiasts who love drinking it on an everyday basis. 

What is Sencha Green Tea?

Sencha green tea is one of the most popular teas that’s dearly loved in Japan. It is a type of green tea that has fresh, green colour and tastes refreshing. T can be enjoyed as a hot or a cold drink. The word sencha means – steamed green tea. It refers to the small-leaf tea bushes that produce these teas. The sencha tea, in particular, has a distinct vegetal, seaweedy, and grass-like flavour. 

Right after the tea leaves are picked, they undergo the process of steaming in order to prevent the tea from oxidizing and having the light colour locked in. The leaves are then shaped and dried for further use. Apart from China, South Korea, and Japan, another major exporter of Sencha green tea is Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan variety actually even has a tangy tone of taste as well. The instant you sip a simmered cup of sencha green tea, you’ll feel awakened. 

Things to Keep In Mind While Purchasing Sencha Green Tea?

  • Buy top quality sencha green tea
  • Look for the contents of the ingredients on the tea pack, and make sure that there are no allergens present. 
  • The taste should be like that of a traditional Japanese style
  • Average caffeine content
  • It should be suitable for adults and children above the age of 6 years. 
  • Hyson grade is a good everyday use grade for tea grade. 

The Guide to Brewing a Good Tea

The perfect cup of sencha green tea found at ‘tea shop near me’ when you google it, should be made using a teaspoon of loose leaf tea to a 200ml cup of water. It should be submerged in the cup or kettle till the tea is of 80-degree celsius. It takes about 3 minutes to brew and can be served either hot or chilled.

The Health Benefits of Drinking Sencha Green Tea

A good grade sencha green tea has many health benefits. Some of them are: 

  • Boosts Metabolism : The consumption of Sencha green tea has been shown to boost one’s metabolic rate and thus increase the process of fat burning in the short term.
  • Boosts Energy : Green tea has naturally occurring chemical L-theophylline that smoothens the level of energy one experiences and sometimes even has more jarring effects than coffee or caffeinated sodas.
  • Assists Brain Function : It’s natural to assume that with the high level of energy that green tea has, it might contain more caffeine than coffee itself. However, in reality, it contains less caffeine than coffee, but it produces the same effect on the brain as coffee does. It definitely improves one’s brain function.

This is everything you need to know about sencha green tea. 



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