Should We Build The Tomb at Any Time of The Year?


Tomb building is one of the oldest cultural traditions of our Vietnamese people, still very popular today. Do you know? Tombs are not only a resting place for the deceased but also show their descendants’ respect for their lang mo da cao cap ancestors. So, in your opinion, what time of year should you build the tomb?

What time of year is the most appropriate time to build a tomb area?

Is it appropriate to build a tomb at what time of the year? This is the question that many people ask. Join us to find out.

Tomb building at the time before the period of Thanh Minh

Thanh Minh usually falls on the third lunar month every year. According to the traditional customs of Vietnamese people, the period of purification is the time when children and grandchildren remember their ancestors and parents. That is why people often go to the grave to pay tribute to their deceased loved ones. And Chi Minh is also a good time to build a tomb.

Tomb building at the end of the year

The end of the year is also the time when the construction of the tomb is conducted a lot. In particular, the construction of the tomb is most conducted on October 2 and November 2.

According to feng-shui researchers, the end of the year is a favorable and favorable time to build a tomb. It is an appropriate time for the burial. The custom day chuyen san xuat nuoc tinh khiet of rebirth is most common in the North at this time, because the weather is dry and there is less damage to the bones.

However, in the central region, the time to build the tomb is somewhat more shifting, falling around the beginning of the year, because at the end of the year it is often rains and storms.

Other times

In addition to the two popular times above, at other times of the year tomb construction may also be in progress. Because when a loved one dies, it is often cremated. Then relatives will proceed to build tombs for their loved ones, hoping they can rest peacefully.

Tomb times during the year

Some important notes when building tombs

Tomb building is one of the nation’s long-standing cultural traditions, showing gratitude to loved ones who have passed away. The building of the tomb is all spiritual-related works, it is necessary to comply with the feng-shui notes to be able to bring peace to the negative, lucky peace for even the yang.

Location and construction direction must be suitable for feng shui

Location and direction are two extremely important factors when building a tomb. In terms of location, it is necessary to avoid choosing soil built near the stumps of big trees. Because tree roots can be tightly tied or pierced through the coffin, leading to an unsettled, chaotic family situation. In the direction of placing, it is necessary to avoid wind blowing directions, places where water flows.

Tomb size

Need week according to the standard size of the feng-shui hole when building the tomb. Absolutely do not use zero degree Vong. Because these numbers are the air routes, it is easy for families to be damaged in the future.


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