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They are the hunters of trends, those who dictate what is going to be worn and how. They talk and the rest of us copy, do you know which sunglasses the influencers want the most? It is privileged information and we have collected a lot of documentation to tell you, so pay attention! We tell you what the influencers’ glasses are!


The Italian luxury firm is a magnet for trendy jackets. Any of its accessories is an object of desire; from belts, bags or fanny packs to ladies sunglasses. This season they are looking for very large models, especially square ones, although round acetate glasses are also a hit.

Christian Dior

The French-inspired design is one of the most desired. There are countless models of sunglasses and the collections are very numerous, but there are always some that really have a special place in the fashion heart of influencers. We are talking about models like Dior So Real,  Diorabstract, or DioramaClub.


If there is a brand that they adore, that is Celine. They do not care what the model is, they want Celine for the attributes that the brand exudes: Sweetness, elegance, Parisian airs. They are all in love with the most iconic models in the Maison, a house with almost 100 years of history with classic, practical and refined items. The girls in the photos wear the legendary model Celine Shadow.


Everyone knows that Ray-Ban glasses are a must-have. In any dresser worth its salt, there is Ray-Ban, and vintage style is highly prized among influencers’ sunglasses. We go back to the 60s, 70s, and 80s! Any past time was not better because now the styles of all times have a place and that is lucky! The favorites? Ray-Ban Oval, Ray Ban Hexagonal, Ray-Ban Octagonal, Caravan. But we warn you, these glasses are sold out very easily and the official supplier sometimes has them in manufacturing, so if they really interest you, buy them as soon as you see them in 24 hours!


Now Carrera knows fashion more than ever; her designs exude chic and vintage airs. The collections are continually renewed and have luxury ambassadors like Jared Leto. The Carrera that fall in love this season talk about eye cat looks.


Furla and Police are breaking schemes this season. For those who want to get out of the rule and look for something different from a lot of styles, there are these brands and their new collections. We opted for the Furla SFU180 model, a real revelation.


Fendi is synonymous with style and femininity. The sunglasses of the famous Italian brand are the passion of many trendy jackets. They have an unmistakable style and details that make the difference.

The sunglasses of influencers

Discover what glasses influencers wear and copy them; the most popular brands, the coolest models. Be the first to get hold of them!


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