The Spread of Cyber Threats and their Solution


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Cyber ​​attacks are spreading globally across national borders. In addition, the attack methods used and the corresponding countermeasures are in conflict with each other and are constantly changing.
Therefore, in security, it is important to constantly watch the latest global trends and acquire knowledge.

Phishing can threat Personal Information

Cybercriminals can sneak into devices and systems and bring information without the person receiving the email directly entering or replying to sensitive information. In any case, be sure to “do not click, do not open attachments, and do not reply” to emails that you think are suspicious.

A typical method of phishing is a large-scale attack that sends a large number of emails all at once in order to increase the possibility of being caught by even one person. This attack takes “quantity rather than quality” and sends it to an unspecified number of people, so the content is not so precise, and many people think that it is a “suspicious email” and ignore it. Or it may go into your junk mail folder, or it may be repelled by the server and not reach you. But again, if you send it in large numbers some will “inadvertently” click or open the attachment. AWS certification in London is really beneficial for IT professionals to counter Cyber Attacks.

Cyber ​​criminals are also quick to react to this situation. From the perspective of cybercriminals, the security of corporate offices and factories is weakened and remote operations increase security holes, or “entrances” for cybercriminals…

Threat of Increasing Cyber Crime

How many companies were prepared for the situation where many employees would work from home for a long period of time? At the same time as the spread of viruses that are harmful to the body, we must be aware that viruses are also spreading in the cyber world. Information systems and security departments need to identify risks and take countermeasures beyond the premise so far, and also need to be aware of the latest trends in attack cases.

Cyber ​​attacks are increasing all over the world, and UK is no exception. Especially in the last few years, since many large-scale international events are held in UK, attacks from all over the world are increasing, and we are steadily preparing under the surface to carry out attacks in time for large-scale events. It is expected that there are quite a few things that have been done.

Nowadays, systems and online systems are introduced in every aspect in every industry, so the impact on management in the event of a cyber incident is extremely large, and there is a great possibility that it will be difficult to continue management in a short period of time. It’s time.

Importance of Cyber Security for your Company

In each company, it is common to create a security department of IT professionals with Cyber security course in UK, purchase services of other companies and take endpoint measures, etc., but even the management includes simulations when actually receiving a cyber attack. There are only a few companies doing so.

The information we should protect is basically the same in both cyberspace and real space. It’s so-called “personal information” or “confidential information”. However, in cyberspace, there is an opportunity to use this information more easily and more, and at the same time, the risk of its leakage and misuse increases. Our own information is now closely tied to the use of the Internet, email apps and more.


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