The Sims 4 Realm of Magic of Spells Guide



The Sims 4 Realm of Magic brings with it the most complex and richest version of the spellcasting figure in the entire saga. With a total of twenty-four spells (divided into three schools of magic), fifteen potions, eleven familiars and nine curses, there are many elements to consider when directing our wizard or witch on the path to complete mastery of the magical arts. !

Having explored in this previous guide the process of transformation into a spellcaster and all the activities that can be implemented as such, let’s take a closer look at the individual spells, potions, curses and familiars made available in The Sims 4.


A spell has a specific effect, can be cast on certain targets, and belongs to a certain school of magic. There are three currents of magic, each delineating the character of a magic according to its purposes: practical magic is positive, malicious magic is negative, and indomitable magic is neutral.

There are three ways in which you can acquire a new spell

Magic exercise. Just click on the Sim, enter the Magic menu, then select the “ Practice Practical / Mischievous / Indomitable Magic ” interaction. By doing so, the sorcerer will begin to experiment with his powers until we are warned of learning a spell, belonging to the school of magic he has chosen. If there are no more spells that can be learned at the current rank, a notification will warn us that the action will only serve to accumulate experience.

Reading of tomes. For each available spell there is a tome of magic that if consulted guarantees the knowledge of the same. Tomes can be obtained in the Magic Kingdom, either by searching for them in bookstores or by buying them at the specialty store, whose assortment varies daily.

Request to an essay. If you have a sufficient level of relationship with one of the three wise men, you can ask him to teach us a spell of the school he represents. The acquisition will be instant.

However, there are three spells that can only be acquired by turning to a sage, namely the supreme spells. There are three, one for each current of magic: for the practice there is the Rite of Ascension, for the mischievous there is Straniazione and for the Indomitant there is the Duplicate. Once you have reached the rank of Master, a specific interaction will appear to obtain them.

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