The Similarities and Differences between Casio G-Shock Vs Baby G Watches

Baby-G watches on sale

There are three main reasons why Casio is one of the top watch brands. Casio watches are known for not only their superior design and quality but also for their budget prices. These are the qualities that make all five watch lines popular including the G-Shock series. The G-Shock line comprises of two models G-shock and baby G watches. The good thing is that you can get benefit from Casio G-shock sale on online watch stores.

Nearly all the G-shock timepieces whether digital or analog share impressive features. They all come with an electroluminescent backlight, countdown timer, a stopwatch and water-resistant feature. Both these lines are intended and suitable for sports and outdoor activities. Like the G-shock, you can also buy Baby-G watches on sale.

But here we are going to discuss the similarities and differences between Casio G-Shock vs Baby G watches.

Similarities between Casio G-Shock Vs Baby G Watches

Both G-shock and Baby G models share the impressive durability and ruggedness. However, there are a few more important functions that these two share together.

  1. Temperature Resistance

One of the main features of both G-Shock and Baby-G watches is their resistance against low-temperature. Some high-quality watches can even handle a temperature as low as -68F degrees.

  1. Backlight

Both lines come with a backlight feature that is great for visibility. The backlight makes sure you get an easy reading even in bad light conditions.

  1. Long-Lasting Battery

G-shock and Baby-G watches come with powerful and long-lasting batteries. So you don’t have to worry about keeping them running as these durable batteries can run for years.

  1. Stopwatch

Although this is a simple feature, people with an active lifestyle find it useful. A one-hour countdown feature and auto-repeat are very helpful during exercise.

  1. Auto-Calendar

Casio programs its timepieces considering the fact that people value time. That’s why G-shock series features an auto-calendar that can keep you update to the year 2099.

Differences between Casio G-Shock Vs Baby G Watches

The G-shock and Baby-G models differ in a number of ways. These are the differences that make both the models unique and distinctive.

  1. Size

This is the major feature that separates G-shock watches from Baby-G models. G-Shock models are specifically designed for men, whereas the Baby-G watches are made for smaller wrists of children and women. The difference is clearly visible if you look at the watch’s face and straps.

Baby-G watches are smaller in size and come with small straps. However, Casio also manufactures unisex G-Shock watches that are attractive and look good on both women and men.

  1. Colours

Baby-G watches are more versatile than G-Shock models when it comes to colours. Normally, Casio manufactures G-shock watches in typical colours, such as black, white, silver, red, grey and blue. However, you can also get them in green, purple, yellow and pink colours.

On the other hand, Baby-G models come with more vibrant colours. These watches feature more refreshing and crispy colours, as they are meant for women and children.

  1. Water Resistance

Although both lines are water-resistance, the level of resistance is different for both. Modern G-Shock models offer water resistance up to 660ft and are ideal for diving. You can wear them while swimming as well as during deep-sea diving.

Baby-G models normally offer water resistance only up to 330ft. This is almost half than the G-shock watches, but still good. The reason is that children or women usually don’t go for deep-sea diving while wearing often. However, you can wear your Baby-G watch for a swimming session.


With the introduction of unisex watches, the difference between baby-G and G-shock watches has narrowed down. Both are great, except for the fact that Baby-G models are more suitable for females and children. You can also decide which line is suitable for you based on your activities and lifestyle.

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