The Significance of Choosing a University with UGC Approval


The University Grants Commission (UGC) is the statutory body that has the responsibility to coordinate, formulate, and maintain the higher education standards in India. It is important to mention in this regard that the word university can only be used by an institution that is established as a university by a Provincial or State or Central Act. No other institution can claim the university status without this approval.

Here are a few facts that you need to know about UGC approval, and the significance of choosing a university with UGC approval, such as Amity University.

The approval process of the University Grants Commission

To become a UGC approved university, the institute needs to undergo a strict inspection by an expert panel that is designated by the University Grants Commission. The university gets the recommendation for recognition after this panel is satisfied with the infrastructure, management, curriculum, staff and faculty, procedures and policies, and so on.

The application of the university either gets rejected right away when the panel is not satisfied with all the aspects that it evaluates, or the institute gets time to meet all the compliance requirements. The status of the UGC recognition, along with the detailed report of the inspection panel for all Indian universities can be found on the UGC website.

The reasons to go for a university that has UGC approval

The UGC panel has an intense process of inspection, where even the smallest detail about the functions of the institute at every level is assessed. There is no reason to feel that all the universities that have been established under State or Central act get the UGC recognition. Only a number of universities out of all that are inspected get the recognition. You can check the UGC approved university in MP list to validate this fact.

Parents or students cannot reach every institute to check the details of the functioning of the institute. It needs an expert in a particular field to check the right procedures of the programs. The students need to start looking for the UGC recognized institutes before refining their search depending on the eligibility criteria.

Choosing the right university is crucial for the career of a student, especially in the present environment when hundreds of institutions are found all across the nation. Selecting a UGC recognized institute means the fulfillment of the basic requirements of education. Besides, the degree that they offer will also have value.

It is important to mention in this regard that UGC publishes a complete list of fake universities from time to time as a warning to the students against choosing such institutions. In fact, there are twenty-three such universities in nine states that have been listed as fake by the UGC. Furthermore, more than forty deemed universities got derecognized by the University Grants Commission because it was not satisfied with their processes, system, or infrastructure. The students should take note of all these factors before they apply for admission to a university.


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