The Real Value Services you get with Amazon Web Services


The core business of Amazon Web Services is innovation. AWS is focused on constantly expanding and improving the services, tools, processes and infrastructure that have disrupted an entire market and that keep them at the top of all the cloud rankings in the world.

Instead of building a channel, a sales network and hundreds of local management and support teams from scratch, the leader of the so-called Public Clouds delegates the process of consulting, building and deploying tailored solutions to certified managed service providers to the end customer. Thus, AWS Training in London focuses on optimizing its portfolio and economies of scale, and partners have at their disposal one of the most advanced cloud ecosystems in the world.

What do customers get?


As in everything in life, when facing a new process it is very useful to have someone next to you who has already been there. A DevOps team with proven experience in deploying projects on Amazon Web Services; ideally for companies in related sectors, can save large amounts of time and money, in addition to preventing errors that can seriously harm the business.


Having a single point of contact for all cloud services, which is also local, is highly relevant for many organizations. They are looking for a specialized team that speaks your language, which is just the right size, that knows your business and its people and, in many cases, which can monitor your entire 24×7 platform to proactively identify and resolve any incident.


While the partner bears the burden of managing the platform and cloud services, the customer can focus on improving their applications. A good partner has visualization and management tools and offers support so that any request or incident – even if it is a problem derived from the AWS infrastructure itself – can be resolved in the most effective way.

Continuous optimization

If the behavior of users, applications, and therefore businesses, changes constantly, shouldn’t the cloud platform that supports them do so? An expert AWS partner can assist in forecasting changes, optimizing costs, and detecting opportunities for improvement to achieve synergistic technology and business evolution. Even cyber security course in Dubai gives you a chance to learn more about AWS network security. Plus, having a team constantly up-to-date with Amazon Web Services news, service updates, and discount announcements keep you up-to-date to get the most from the cloud.


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