The Original Birkenstock Soft Footbed: Features That Will Amaze You


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The name Birkenstock needs no introduction in the world of comfortable footwear as the brand has been a pioneer in that matter from 1774. And with the Birkenstock soft footbed sandals in 2000, the fame of the brand remains unfazed. The soft footbed sandals have a foam layer inserted between the suede liner and the cork layer of the original footbed to ensure greater ease and cushioning. Along with this new feature, here’s outlining a few more aspects that make Birkenstock a must-have brand in your shoe closet.

Comfort From The Get Go

When you wear your Birkenstocks sandals, it almost feels like your feet change shape. The bones shape into a more comfortable and natural position. Thus, wearing these sandals with premium cushioning might feel a bit weird to start with because you’ve probably never come across such shoes before that provide foot support. It is an improvement from the original footbed that needed some time to get used to.

The Use Of Top-Notch Material

One of the foremost features of these sandals is the use of carefully selected materials in making them. The brand uses only natural leather to make these shoes, which you can make out by the distinct untreated surface. The leather sandals also have natural latex, natural cork, suede, and jute. These materials not only make the footbed comfortable and long-lasting, but also sustainable and good for the environment.

Greater Support To Improve Gait

The footbed is made to fit your feet’s anatomical shape perfectly. It has a concave, deep heel cup that maintains the natural cushioning needed at your heel bone. The transverse and longitudinal arch support helps in proper stability and alignment. Moreover, the raised toe bars help your feet gain more traction, and the sufficient room for movement at the toe box ensures the maximum ease.

The Combination Of Style And Comfort

Now, you must be under the impression that shoes that are all about comfort would not tick the boxes for style. But that isn’t the case with Birkenstock shoes because they have their own inimitable look. As a stylish sandal, Birkenstock looks great with casuals and even works with your athleisure outfits. The brand has introduced new colors and styles in keeping with the demand of the modern customers.

Needs Very Little Care And Maintenance

There are care products available from the brand itself, but in reality, the shoes need very little maintenance to prolong their life. People have worn their Birkenstock sandals for years without complaint. Of course, taking care of your sandals prolongs their life. But this isn’t the kind of sandals that need you to care for it every week of the month.

Summing up

Wearing Birks is an experience in itself because the ease and cushioning support that you get from these sandals is pretty much incomparable. So, if you are yet to try out the brand, go ahead and buy a pair today. One thing is for sure: once you wear Birks, there is no going back.


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