The Most Trending Mobile Game of 2020 – Coin Master


Undoubtedly Coin Master is one of the most trending mobile games of 2020. With over 100+ Million downloads from 131 countries, the social casino has put everyone on slots.

Aside from building, attacking, and stealing coins from opponents, the heart feature of the game is the spins. Or you can call the basic tool you require to play coin master its slot spins. You can not play the game if you run out of spins and sadly that happens quite often.

So what if when you run out of Coin Master Spins?

Well, that makes the game more interesting but a little frustrating at the same time. A player can enjoy the feel of redeeming coin master spins only when he knows how to do so. Or else, most players end up with frustration.

What? Are you are also from the frustrated group?

No surprise, you are accompanying 95% coin master players or you can call it “noob” ones.

Anyways, want to quit your frustration with Coin Master Spins? Let us introduce 9 ways via which you can get Coin Master Spins for Free.

#1: Redeem Coin Master Free Spins by Moon Active

Coin master free spins

Little known to many newbies in the game that Coin Master has its own Social Media Pages which they use to engage their audience. Honestly, they doing a great job. By following the Official pages of the Coin Master Game, you not only receive daily free spins link but also have pre-information of upcoming events and tournaments.

Obviously most players just don’t have enough time space to spend on Social Media platforms in search of new spin links. Although it is highly recommended to keep your self-updated with new rewards of coin master.

Not easy though?

Let us put a better option for you on the table. Now you don’t need to reload Facebook pages in search of free spins link. Luckily a legitimate coin master community is collecting all reward links from social media and sharing it on their webpage. Simply bookmark them and collect daily Coin Master Free Spins without any human verification.

In addition, you can also redeem coin master free coins daily as a complimentary bonus.

That’s probably the easiest and simplest way to get Coin Master Spins for Free.

#2: Add Friends = Win Spins

Coin master free spins today link

Looks easy and simple right. Well in reality it is not. Almost every Coin Master player knows that he can redeem 50-70 Coin Master Spins by inviting friends to the game. But it is not that easy though. Coin Master Invite Friends features works like an Affiliate Partner for them.

Like affiliates pay on successful purchases only, the same way coin master does.

Wondering what does that mean? Let us make simple for you. Coin Master has a tough Invite Criteria which must be matched to result in free spins. And that criteria rules are as below

  1. Your friend must have not Installed Coin Master Game in their device before
  2. He/She must click on referral link and download the game
  3. Then Launch Coin Master Application
  4. Connect their Facebook Account with Coin Master

Of course not an easy thing to do. That is the reason why most players do not get spins even after inviting friends to the game.

#3: Complete your Village

Coin master village

If you are new to the game then there is a possibility you haven’t explored coin master villages yet. But it’s time to start building your village and collect free spins on completion.

Whenever a coin master village is completed, player gets transported to upgraded village/level and welcomed with free spins & chest. Seriously it’s not a regular method to win spins but indeed a free way to collect some.

#4: Complete Card Sets

Coin master Cards set

Most players underestimate the value of card sets. Card Sets are the second most rewarding feature of the game. In reality, many players do not check their card sets until Level #10.

Amazingly card set rewards can redeem anywhere between 150-1000 free spins. Besides spins, you can also win Pet XP and Unlock Coin Master Pets.

#5: Buy Coin Master Chests

Unfortunately, 95% of Coin Master players believe that there are only 3 chests in the game. However, there are a total number of 12 Coin master chests. Out of 12 chests, 3 are having only cards in it. They are most common chests.

But 9 coin master chests have big rewards including cards, spins & pet XP. You can buy these chests with real money as well. However, most people choose to buy with coin master coins (which is free actually).

This will blow your mind but you can actually win up to 24000 Coin Master Spins with Chests.

#6: Gift Spins

Most players get confused between Gift Spins and Invite Spins. Although both of them are completely different. Unlike the Invite method, the gift spin method is instant.

A player can daily gift 1 spin to each friend and collect it back as well. Or you can say exchange spin rewards.

What’s a big deal?

Gift spins are not deducted from the total spin count. If you have 100 Spins in the slot and you have gifted 100 spins to your friends, your spin count will still remain 100.

What’s the worst part?

This method has a potential con in it. A player can not redeem gift spin if his slot is already full. šŸ™ Also limit to get spins from this method is 100.

#7: Hourly Spin Refill

Coin Master Spin slot gets refilled automatically every hour. If you run out of spins, you may choose to give a break to the game and start playing after an hour.

Best way? Not so..!

Every player gets hourly spins but in case players don’t use it, they will not sum up. Once slot is full, no new spins will add.

#8: Play Events & Tournaments

This is what pro players do. They always keep spins in the slot and use them with events and tournaments. Coin Master has some great reward returning events like Attack Madness and Raid Madness where players win exciting prices like Pet XP, Coins, Chests, Cards, and obviously a good number of Free Spins.

Although this way requires some efforts and tactics but its absolutely free.

#9: Watch AdvertisementĀ 

Similar to other mobile gaming apps, Coin Master also shares rewards on advertisement watch time. Luckily they are not like others by pushing ads forcefully to users. In fact, they allow the player to chose either watch an advertisement or not. If players decide to watch, he gets 1 free spin.

Sadly there is just 1 advertisement reward with 1 spin. Not worth it so. But again it’s FREE.


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