At home too, the choice of equipment for your dog is important: basket, cushion, toy… A round-up of what is important for the well-being of your beloved puppy at home and right in your garden!


The basket is the essential element and the marker for your dog: it is his territory and especially his sleeping. It also marks the place you have reserved for it in your home. Of course, the size of the dog and the material are important to ensure that the bed you choose matches the way your dog sleeps.

Avoid wicker baskets because too many dogs have unfortunately punctured their stomachs. For a young puppy, it is even more important to choose his basket because it represents the place where he will rest and sleep.

The basket is also preferred to the cushion for a very young puppy because it offers a delimitation and will thus reassure your young dog. Make sure it’s easy to clean in case of small accidents. This flexible basket version is ideal for a young dog.

For a larger French bulldog or as soon as it is older, this basket colored in 2 sizes or a cushion can also be very suitable. If your dog tends to squat your couch, to protect your furniture from claws and hair, you can also opt for a sofa-protected mat that will reassure the master that you are and will also be super nice for your dog.

White Long Coated Dog


The game for a dog is a very important moment. And for the master you are it is a time of education but also of complicity. Your dog will learn to understand you and you will find through these playful moments the right ways to make you obey.

And here, too, on the French bulldog toys, it is sometimes a little difficult to find your way around! To see according to the tastes of your dog, but you can start on these few safe values:

The stuffed animal toy to help you connect with your pet who will be happy to bring it back to you. It is also an interesting educational tool for you and a friendly softie for your dog.

The rubber ball toy that you can attach to your wrist to let off steam with your dog. Easy to use indoors and outdoors, it’s a super playful game for your dog and it allows him to spend his too full of energy.

The toy that makes noise is also essential: indeed, the sound in a toy stimulates your dog and this will probably make this toy quickly become your dog’s favorite. Indeed, the noise produced by the dog that is out of the ordinary stimulates your dog’s senses and trains him to work his jaw. You can opt for a pig toy, it allows you to play without limitation of duration.

Even smarter this kibble dispenser sound ball will force your dog to move and roll the ball.



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