The Future of Taj Residencia Investment


Construction of Taj Residencia, a massive project near CDA Areas 14, 15, and 16 is underway by the Sardar Group of Companies. The Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital is just a short walk away. The Centaurus Mall in Islamabad was also developed by the Sardar Group of Companies. Within the I-14, 15 & 16 corridor, five-marla prices range from about $60k (with ownership) to $34k (without construction) to $35-40k (with ownership) (with ownership). In the long run, it shows that investing in something now will pay off handsomely.
The Taj Residencia was built by the Sardar Group of Companies. Centaurus Mall, Islamabad’s most recognisable edifice, was developed by this company. The architecture of Taj Residencia would be a direct duplicate of past designs, as seen by its large scale. Centaurus Mall-2, a major project for Taj Residencia, will be built within the neighbourhood.

Taj’s background:

Residents of Taj Residencia will have easy access to the Centaurus Mall 2, the Twin Towers, and a number of other cutting-edge articular structures and amenities, including schools, hospitals, and masjids. The M-2 motorway runs along one of the settlement’s boundaries, making it easy to reach neighbouring cities. Upon completion of the roads, Taj Residencia would be approximately 5-7 kilometres from the New International Islamabad Airport.


The programme hasn’t flopped yet, as far as we can tell. The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), which is responsible for the project, has approved Taj Residencia NOC. Progress is being made on the project. The fact that four of the eleven apartments have already been built and others are in the works gives the project an edge in the marketing department. Additionally, you may purchase these blocks and begin construction on a home with only a 50% down payment. Some dealers are demanding a premium of over PKR 200,000 for plots in development blocks. When the initiative is officially launched early next year, the rates will be adjusted. We anticipate that each plot type would cost an additional PKR 700,000. Read more about blue world city payment plan.

As a result of its present development, legality, and value, Taj Residencia is a good investment. Experts in the industry came together to design this opulent vision. Any businessman or buyer looking for a place to call home appears to have just one option: Taj Residencia. Nevertheless, there are a number of advantages to buying in Taj Residencia instead of elsewhere. The following are a few examples:

• A Great Place to Live

• Business with a Taxpayer-Identified Number

• A Magnificent Household

A deposit is required before you can move in and assume ownership of the property.

The Map and Building Plan should be well-organized

• Spectacular Master Design

• There are services available.

• Potential for Growth

features that are appealing

• A Wide Range of Plot Sizes

Investing in the Future:

We recommend committing to the project for the long haul. An investment that pays out in the near term could be good enough, but long-term returns are almost always better. Investors are recommended by Sigma Properties to look into the underdeveloped areas. Category plots are the method of choice. Since these prices will increase immediately if the values are changed, a seeking premium might be implemented within a year if development continues at its present pace. However, given the current rate of development, new blocks could be erected soon. This means a high profit margin is inevitable.

To accommodate these new developments, the neighbourhood will expand in size during the next five years, although this process will take place at a quick pace. For those intending to invest for the long run or to buy a home in the next two years or so, society is a feasible alternative. Because of the large business area and several facilities, including parks and a school, this project is well worth investigating further. Eventually, we expect it to serve as a commercial crossroads for Interstates 14 and 15.

Long-term investors stand to gain from the expansion of the company and the surrounding area. Over time, prices will grow considerably, so keep a watch on this one! Investing money into the project is something we’re all in favour of doing. The primary reason for this is, unsurprisingly, the rapid and massive pace of growth. Families should be able to move into the built regions within a year due to the rapid pace of development. For this reason, the Taj Residencia and Park View City developers want to have the building done as quickly as possible so that people may associate it with Pak Gulf Construction. Because of this, they are trying to establish an excellent foundation before expanding their operations to other locations in Pakistan.


There is a great possibility to make money investing in Taj Residencia in the near future. Your investing selection may be influenced by the quantity of money that you have. Sigma Properties is confident in the Sardar Group of Companies’ ability to deliver and in Taj Residencia’s ability to establish itself as an industry leader. If you want to make money or live a healthy life, this is a great opportunity for you right now.


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