The Complete guide on business setup in Ajman media city


Free zones are examined by many to be the gemstone in the UAE’s crown. Common with business people and companies around the world, the UAE’s free zones possess zero money restrictions; customs tax freedom and allow the facility to repatriate 100% of your assets and savings. All this on the head of the UAE’s famed 0% corporate tax rates on both individual and corporate earnings.

If you’re planning to raise a market in the UAE, it pays to analyze the nation’s free zones. Situated far and wide across the Emirates, free zones allow a cost-effective and hugely profitable way to begin a Setup new business in UAE

 Ajman media city: The most Trending Business Hub

As the title itself implies, Ajman Media City Free Zone (AMCFZ) is situated in the center of Ajman in UAE. This is a newly arrived free zone. It aims to allow the most reliable and the friendliest atmosphere to the market administrators rising to establish their companies. The most advanced extensions in the city are enhancing the possibilities of new international ventures in Ajman.

Business setup in Ajman Media City Free Zone evolved to the business in 2018. Due to its low-cost packages, it quickly converted one of the blockbusters amongst free zones in the United Arab Emirates. Ajman is maybe not the first emirate that reaches to memory when many of us think of the UAE. However, the little emirate has many to offer and is more than worthy of standing alongside its more famous neighbors as a place to do business.


  • A wide option of several marketing packages
  • No need for a solid presence in the UAE
  • Easy and fast registration
  • No NOC wanted
  • Your business license will be issued asap
  • 100% international possession
  • 100% repatriation on money invested and values obtained


Activities that had gone way too far

We can see so many activities to achieve business in the UAE. The most popular activities that have gone way too far are:

  • Consultancy
  • E-commerce
  • Media
  • Social media
  • Courier

Cost of an Ajman Media City free zone License

The whole Ajman Media City Free Zone permit cost will depend on the license package that you opt for. AMCFZ allows seven packages from Bronze up to Platinum. The initial action to take when analyzing Ajman Media City company development is to determine which package completely suits your requirements.

There are five Ajman Media City packages to pick from:

  • Business Club: This is a primary package which highlights a counter space with the method of 5 hours/week and provides the investor to either choose from a maximum of 5 business activities or 5 service activities
  • Bronze: Those who opt for bronze packages are implemented with a distributed permanent job location and are available to use for one visa most of the departments offered in the bronze packages are comparable to those of the business club package.
  • Silver: This package is the equivalent as the bronze package with the only variation being that it provides the investor to implement for two visas, preferably of one
  • Gold: This one of the greatest incentive packages for marketing setup in Ajman Media city free zone and offers advantages that you won’t get in any another package


Ajman Media City business setup charges are comparatively inexpensive. The whole Ajman Media City permit charges that you will pay will depend on the package you like. Business Club packages begin from just AED 11,431; Bronze from AED 16,152; Silver from AED 19,302; and Gold from AED 30,755. Prices for Platinum packages are available on request.

Visa Requirements

  • Online printed application
  • Shares Certificate
  • Trade License
  • Enterprise card copy
  • Two passport copies
  • Three recent passport size photographs (white background)
  • Tenancy Contract
  • Certificate of Good Standing


Set Up a company

An organization is termed as a subsidiary firm when it’s owned, financially established, and managed by different corporations. The origin organization of a subsidiary corporation may hold 100% commissions in a subsidiary business or only part of the shares in the subsidiary company. If the origin company holds 100% commissions in a subsidiary corporation, it is called the “Individually controlled subsidiary” of the origin fellowship.

It’s essential to recognize, however, that mistakes in your applicability can point to delays or even dismissal. That’s why it’s great to have the guidance and support from a business development professional while starting a Business setup in Ajman media city free zone. They can set up your business; get your license and visa papers, and take supervision of all the required admin – giving you the freedom to get on with managing your enterprise.



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