The best rental car in Abu Dhabi for business trips!


In addition to fun rentals such as the BMW M135i, rental cars for business trips are another major area of ​​business for rental companies, search car rental Abu Dhabi. However, business travelers often have completely different requirements than “fun renters” when it comes to their rental car:

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  • I want to have a serious image at customer appointments , so sports cars like a Toyota GT86 are no longer necessary.
  • Business travelers want “understatement”: Driving up to business partners in a BMW M5 or even a Porsche implies that you are setting the wrong priorities with your company assets.
  • Business trips often mean: unwinding several hundred kilometers of motorway a day, especially in sales. Economical diesel rental cars are particularly useful here.
  • Comfort: For long-haul journeys, you still want to offer your deserving employees a certain level of comfort so that business trips by rental car can be made as pleasant as possible.
  • Available space: In many cases, teams of three or more employees have to travel or (in the case of engineering offices, for example) large maps have to be transported; a station wagon as a rental car makes sense for this.


  • Economical requirement: Of course you want to book the cheapest rental car possible.

Under these special conditions for business travelers, the following rental car categories are the best choice:

1. Cheap rental cars for business travelers

If companies are looking for the most cost-effective solution as a rental car for business trips, then a vehicle such as a BMW, Mercedes S class, RR phantom or Austin Martin makes sense. These offer enough space, even for longer journeys on the motorway. The vehicles mentioned are also very fuel-efficient and also go easy on the company budget in this respect.

2. The standard rental car for business trips

If you ask about the standard rental car for business trips, most people immediately think of vehicles such as the BMW 3 Series, the Audi A4 or the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. There is a reason for this: These rental cars combine all the advantages that you need for longer business trips – such as plenty of space, comfort, good driving performance and still economy. These vehicles are ideal solutions as rental cars for business trips: You get a vehicle from a premium provider that will still not make a wrong impression on business partners.

3. Spacious rental car for several people

Often, entire project teams have to go on business trips, which means you need a rental car for three or four people. So that this number of employees can also travel comfortably, a slightly larger car is recommended – preferably a station wagon! Presentation materials such as flipcharts or large project plans can also be transported in the trunk. Rental cars such as the 5 Series BMW Touring, an E-Class station wagon or an Audi A6 Avant are the best vehicle options.

4. Representative rental car for business trips

If deserving managers or even board members have to go on a business trip in a rental car, you naturally want to rent a premium vehicle that is as representative as possible. In this case, it has to be a vehicle like a Mercedes Benz S-Class , a 7-series BMW or an Audi A8 . These are available, for example , and are often very well equipped with many extras.

Conclusion: the best rental car for business trips

The four rental car options for business trips described above should cover most use cases in everyday professional life. Depending on whether it has to be economical, spacious or chic – the rental car categories mentioned above offer you all imaginable variants for business events. From our own experience, we always recommend OneClickDrive for booking , as the equipment in the vehicles is often the best in the respective classes.


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