The best puzzle games to play in 2022


Anyone given a problem wants to find a solution. Our minds are stimulated by puzzle games as well as our critical thinking skills are improved.

Most gaming types are not able to be famous in one period and least popular in another at the same time, including puzzle games. Regardless of whether it’s Android or iOS, puzzle games are generally appreciated on smartphones. However, consoles and PCs offer a unique storyline.

In spite of this, PC and console-based puzzle games have taken over the spotlight from traditional ones throughout the years. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of the best puzzle games you must play this year.

Let’s see what’s hot for 2020 in the world of puzzle games.


PUSH is a fun little puzzle game in which your goal is to press many different buttons in the correct order. I find it remarkable that there are no clocks, no tutorials; there aren’t even any manager stages. It is what you see that you get, and that is a well-equipped puzzle game that allows you to relax.

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You may be searching for an interesting puzzle game with a modern twist, in which case, Roll the Ball would be a great option for you. It’s quite a tricky game, but it can be a good solution during the exhausting waiting period. As the ball reaches its objective, the tiles must be slid to clear the path. Despite its simplicity, the game can be exceptionally challenging to master.

Wood Block Puzzle Game

Players have won millions of hearts with this Tetris-like game. You need to place wood blocks in the right places. The Wood Block Puzzle doesn’t provide a time limit, so you can plan your moves in a relaxed manner.

You don’t need a computer or a massive storage space to play it. Anyone who wishes to test their skills can play it for free.

The Witness

Witness is an exceptional first-person puzzle game set on a tropical island with a sandbox-style environment. Why? Explore the island and solve challenging grid-based puzzles en route. Featuring more than 650 puzzles to solve, you can expect to spend up to 100 hours exploring and experiencing this open-world game. It took more than seven years to develop The Witness, and it boasts a level of polish not found in most independent games.

There are three puzzles in all.

The game is a number-based puzzle, in which you must whack around the 4 x 4 grid to get the best score. It’s a great game, but you may want to take action carefully because when your 4 x 4 board fills up, you’re out. Both free and paid versions of the game are available.

Numbers empower communications.

Try Numazu to see how good you are at numbers. Organize dispersed numbers in a maze. Despite the game’s simplicity, it will present you with a challenging mental challenge.

Additionally, it uses wood blocks to make your screen attractive. It is easy to forget that you are playing a portable game when most liveliness is practical. You can download NumPuz for no charge. If you have a data subscription you can even play the game.


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