The best cars for families


Everyone has a dream car. But when you start a family or add a few older relatives into the mix, the dreams of a three-door sports car in a sexy red are suddenly replaced by the desire for a trusty, reliable five-door with space for the whole clan. 

If you’re looking for a new family car, you need something that’s practical, cheap to run, and – of course – safe. This is why this list will give you six cars to consider. Both as new and used vehicles, these cars are the best for families. 

Ford Focus 

The newest Ford Focus has been on sale since 2018 and is a great little whip for families. Its cabin is spacious enough for both adults and kids so that everyone can enjoy a comfortable ride. While the boot is on the smaller side in comparison to other family cars, there’s still plenty of room for the food shop or luggage on a family holiday. 

To drive, the car is smooth and composed around bends with plenty of grip on the wheels. 

Volkswagen Polo

For a ‘small’ car, the Polo is pretty roomy. It’s got more head and legroom in the back than alternatives like the Vauxhall Corsa and a generous boot to match. 

What’s ideal about the Polo is that it’s incredibly comfortable and cheap to run

Citroen C4 

The Citroen C4 Cactus is a quasi-SUV style with a quirky look. Inside, the thick foam seats are soft and supportive – making the school rush a little bit more bearable. While the seats in the back are better suited to kids, there is still plenty of room for a standard family of four. 

When driving, you’ll notice the high-quality suspension that’ll help you seamlessly float over bumps without waking up the baby. 

You can find both used and new C4s at your local Citroen dealer

Audi A6 

If there was ever a car for interactive families, it’s the Audi A6. This model has a touchscreen panel that can connect to your smartphone, satnav, or Bluetooth – providing endless amounts of entertainment for you and the family. 

The spacious cabin can hold four adults comfortably, so you don’t need to worry about upgrading when the kids get a little older. The Audi A6 is sleek and smooth on both long or short car journeys, making any trip as stress-free as it can be.

Skoda Karoq

This mini-SUV is super practical for families with enough room for the whole gang, as well as plenty of boot space. There’s also the 8-inch touchscreen in the front with smartphone mirroring. It’s an easy drive, and if you’re not looking for flashy, you can’t go wrong with the Karoq. 

Volvo V60

Lastly, there’s the Volvo V60. The brand is consistently recognized as one of the safest brands, making this model the perfect fit for families. The V60 focuses on comfort rather than style, so it has a minimalist interior with a quiet cabin and seats that offer plenty of support. 

Newer versions are available as a hybrid.


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