The Best and Most Accurate Soil Testing Equipment for Incredible Results

soil testing instruments

So what is an automatic soil testing machine? A fully automatic soil testing machine is an electronic device that is used to measure the quantity of phosphorus, nitrogen, potency hydrogen (PH) and potassium values to check the fertility of the soil. Also to ensure which crops are suitable for that particular soil. Besides it also helps to choose the right fertilizer for the soil.

Therefore many companies are making various types of soil testing machines today so let’s check out:

  1. Equipment for checking liquid limit

There are various equipment to check the liquid limit of the soil. For example liquid limit device hand operator, liquid limit device motorized, liquid limit cone penetrometer, and liquid limit cone penetrometer automatic.  So with the liquid limit device hand operator, we can check the moisture content at which the soil passes from plastic to a liquid state.

  1. Grain size analysis test

The grain size analysis test is widely done to classify various soils. The result obtained from these tests is used to determine whether the soil is suitable for road construction or not. It is also used to check if the soil for the airfield. Besides, it is used to design the filter for Earth dams. Thusthis essential equipment.

  1. Shrinkage limit test

The shrinking limit test checks the water capacity of the soil when the water is almostadequate to fill all the pores of the soil and the soil becomes damp. Moreover, the portion of the soil does not reduce when the water quantity goes below the shrinkage threshold. This can be easily done using the shrinkage limit test device.

  1. Dry density and water content test

The dryconsistency of the soil is the ratio of the total dry mass of the soil to the total volume of the soil. Furthermore, dry density is related to the compaction of the soil mass. This is also an important apparatus to check the dry density of the soil.

  1. Soil penetrometers

There are various types of soil penetrometers available in the market. But the most simple one is the pocket penetrometer. This is a simple tool that is used to help engineers in the field of exploration and comparison of similar types of soil. Above all soil penetrometers are also used to classify cohesive soils in terms of consistency and to estimate the appropriate shear strength and in confined compressive strength of the soil.


So as we have seen there are various soil testing instruments available in the market. These are convenient and make the work faster and easier. Furthermore, the automatic machines are hassle-freeand does the same work in a fraction of time. Also manually these would take a lot of time.

Therefore many brands of automatic soil testing instruments are available in the market. But make sure that you buy only the best brands. Finally, you can visit to get the latest and best instruments on automatic soil testing. The company provides reliable and accurate result giving instruments according to best industry standards and in reasonable prices.


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