The Absolute Solution for Managing Visitor Access in the Company

visitor management system android

One of the most delicate aspects that a company is called to manage is that concerning ,visitor management system android, especially following the entry into the scene of the new data processing policies dictated by the General Data Protection Regulation, in force since 25 May 2018.

This app allows automatic registration and digital management of all visitors’ accesses in the company in a safe, practical and efficient way.

Application is made up of:

An app (available both for devices with Android and iOS operating systems) that the visitor can freely download and use on their mobile device eg: tablet or Smartphone creating a personal profile;

The highly customizable and alternative solution to the app, for the user who does not want to download the visitor’s app. The user can register directly at the company reception: by manually filling out a “check-in” form, or, if he has received an invitation by e-mail, use the “scan invitation” function to fill it in directly;

A back office web platform that gives the opportunity to view the status of visitors, manage company offices, generate and print the QR-codes necessary for entry and exit badges and invitations.

Through this application one or more company contacts can be aware, in real time, of the visitors present in the company perimeter, with positive implications also from the point of view of safety.

The solution also allows the massive sending of invitations to meetings, forums, meetings, fairs and events.

Benefits of Application 

Reduction of registration times – Access to the company is via app, using the QR code technology present on a display in the company’s acceptance desk.

Digitization and Automation of Operations – With a consequent drastic reduction in the timing of registration and acceptance in the company and elimination of the register and paper archive.

Privacy Guarantee – The solution complies with the provisions of the GDPR 2018.

The strengths of the solution

Smartphone and desk app for Android and iOS (ensuring maximum versatility and usability)

Web portal to view visitors and set up locations

Meeting / event invitation badge integrated with MS Outlook

Manage the income of your visits 

This is a new way to control your security; a new platform will improve control of vehicular access through QR readers and the mobile application available for all digital platforms.

Attracting benefits such as the quick access of your visitors to the subdivision register them previously and enter them in seconds. Decide who can come to visit you and who can access your home. All this through a message that reaches your devices in seconds, allowing you to authorize the entry of a visit.

It works by means of an access code which can be used openly while maintaining an active app account, in addition users can register previous visits for their guests, with this an entry QR code will be generated which can be sent through Whatsapp , Messenger Facebook or Email.


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