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Tennessee Gives Back $2.2M To Insurance Consumers In 2020

Tennessee consumers have been given more than $2.2 million in the first quarter of 2020 via mediation efforts by the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance’s (TDCI) that led to the denial of claims overturned for policyholders.

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The TDCI insurance investigators mediated between policyholders and insurance companies, to overturn wrongly denied claims paid for policyholders. Around $4.2 million was sent to Tennesseans by the TDCI in 2019.

“Tennesseans have had a lot to contend within 2020. The terrible storms witnessed from March to April, and the coronavirus pandemic thereafter, has put lots of lives on hold. Residents have faced lots of financial and personal issues in the past six months,” said Hodgen Mainda, TDCI Commissioner. He also encouraged residents to contact the department with questions and complaints with respect to their insurance policy.

Tennessee consumers wrongly denied their claim could contact TDCI customer service at tn.gov/commerce or call 800-342-4029 or (615) 741-2218. Consumers with questions are also advised to reach consumer services via the same phone numbers and website. The cash sent back to consumers via the mediation process is a collaborative effort of both the department and the TDCI’s Insurance Division staff.

  • There were other areas of Tennessee’s insurance industry that experienced steady growth:
  • 2020 has seen the registration of 3,000 new insurance agents. This brings the total number of Tennessee’s insurance agents to 228,422.
  • The number of registered insurance companies in the last quarter of 2019 was 26. This brings the total number of certified insurance companies to 1,891.
  • Tennessee licensed 203 captive insurance companies. There are also 471 established cell companies in the region.


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Ductile Iron Pipe Market Report For 2020 To 2027

The Ductile Iron Pipe Market Report is a detailed assessment of various aspects of the market. It takes a comprehensive look at inputs, outputs, market size, and so on from the industry participants across the value chain. The report gives a detailed analysis of macroeconomic factors, market trends, market attractiveness in each segment. In addition, the report looks at the impact of various factors on regions and market segments.

Top leading players in the Global Ductile Iron Pipe Market are; FT Ductile, Benxi Beitai, Angang Group Yongtong, Rizhao Zhufu, Electro-steel Steels, Kubota, Svobodny Sokol, Tata Metaliks, SANHA group, APS Romania, Jai Balaji Group, Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes, United States Pipe and Foundry Company, Jiangsu Yongyi, Canada Pipe Company and so on.

The leading market regions include; North America, India, South East Asia, Japan, China, and the rest of the world.

In regards to product type, the market is divided into

  • Austempered Ductile Irons
  • Water-Cooled Centrifugal Casting

In regards to the application, the report looks at:

  • Mining
  • Gas and Oil Supply
  • Water Supply
  • Trenchless Application
  • Others


Overall, the entire report allows you to understand the market and the opportunities it provides. The report offers a comprehensive study of the current market environment while focusing on new business objectives. There are analyses of customer preferences, requirements, and demands.

One of the significant aspects of the report is that it helps clients solve very important issues such as

  • Taking note of essential cannibalizes

A strong product substitute is always a threat. The report offers the chance to identify such threats early. This helps in launching the right product strategies ahead of time

  • Maneuvering uncertainties

The insights provided by the report will help potential investors navigate through marketing uncertainties

  • Identifying new trends

The report helps investors locate the latest market trends, track impact, and disruptions within specific trends.

  • Making quick decisions

Overall, the report gives a competitive edge, thus allowing for quick decision making


The Global Iron Pipe Market Report identifies various key players in the market. It allows readers the opportunity to understand the systems. The comprehensive report provides a bird’s-eye view into the market. With the information at hand, readers can make their own decisions.


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