There are so many tech tips and tricks that can be used by you for making yourself advanced. If you want to use these tips and save your time, then read them out carefully. They will help you a lot in making time valuable, have a look to know:


If you are bad at remembering passwords, then this is the best trick for you. To address this out they are so many companies that offer password lockers to store all your credentials in one place. So, if you want to find your passwords then you instead of going to apps, you should go to the settings of the search browser and from there you can easily manage the passwords. If you want to have a quicker login, then you can easily save your passwords. To have step by step information, find about this on some of the top tech blogs in India.


If you want to have easy access to all your important stuff then you should add all this to your lock screen. For doing this you will have to go to the settings, edit the app’s settings from there, and can easily add notifications of important apps to your screen. Therefore, this is one of the easiest tricks that will help you in saving time by seeing the notifications easily without opening the specified app. Try this trick and tell your friends as well about this.

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If you are very much tensed about scanning your documents on a day when nothing is open, then you should try this trick out. You should download Cam Scanner on your phone, this is one of the best apps to scan documents from home only using mobile. This apps let you scan things as it is done at a scanning shop, try this trick out, and let us know if it is effective or not.

But remember to download Cam Scanner only for scanning of documents because this is a 100% effective and trusted app. To know about using this app you can search on some of the tech blogs. Therefore, Future with Tech is one of the technology blogs India that people can refer to knowing about such technological tips. The best part of this blog is that all the information provided for the people is in simple and easy language.


In case you want to click a sudden picture, then there is no need to unlock your phone, you can easily do this by swiping the camera on the lock screen. This is a trick that can be easily used by people in any kind of phones whether iPhone, Vivo, or any other. Try this trick to click random and sudden pictures.


Any Desk app is one of the best apps that can be used by people to manage their PCs through mobile as well. For doing this you will have to download this app and after that open and put the id of PC app on your mobile. After that, you can easily manage your PC data from anywhere and anytime.

Lastly, we would like to say that if you have any queries regarding any of the tip then you can search them on the best tech blogs India.