Tax Hint – Pay Attention To Offshore Leveraged Insured Annuity Schemes


Tax Hint – Pay Attention To Offshore Leveraged Insured Annuity Schemes

Canadians are being cautioned by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) about engaging in tax schemes that are meddling with leveraged insured annuity plans. Tax representatives, promoters, and tax creators are indicating that tax-free earnings can be extracted by taxpayers from corporations or can use a leveraged insured annuity offered by offshore insurers to claim significant insurance expenses.

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What are tax schemes?

Tax schemes are arrangements and plans that violate the Income Tax Act. They fool taxpayers by claiming to limit taxes. These kinds of schemes can claim to deliver significant deductions or tax-free earnings.

What are leveraged insured annuities?

Leveraged insured annuity (LIA) requires little or no risk loan that is completely covered by an annuity or insurance policy. Generally, this loan is refundable at the death of a life insured policy. The annuity, the loan, and the life insurance policy are usually interdependent, would not be offered individually and do not make sense commercially from the provider, the individual insured, or the purchaser’s point of view if insurance is the actual intent of the policy. These kinds of LIAs are usually offered by offshore corporations. Although offshore arrangements highlight this piece of communication and the same concerns can arise in relation to a domestic agreement having similar characteristics.

The LIA was developed to offer several tax benefits such as a rise in the capital dividend account of a private Canadian entity when a life insured individual dies under life insurance coverage, a loan interest expense, and reduced premiums.

New regulations were developed for LIAs in 2013 to reject these unexpected benefits and to also improve the fairness and integrity of the tax system. But LIAs still get promotions.

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What is the working method of the LIA system?

Generally, the LIAs is used by private Canadian entities to spread corporate earnings tax to individual shareholders for free by the way of tax-free capital dividends or loan repayments. This is usually achieved by the investment of the corporate taxpayer in a life insurance coverage and an annuity that is released by an alleged offshore insurance coverage on the life of one or more insured individuals which can include the close contact individuals.

Important features of the LIA scheme are:

Offshore lenders advancing limited recourse loans to participants. The condition of this loan is that participants must purchase a life insurance contract as well as an annuity that would cover for the life insurance premiums provided by an alleged offshore insurer.

The outstanding interest and principal (usually capitalized) on the limited recourse loan can be repaid from the death benefit of the life insurance and

The annuity and life insurance contracts are allocated to an offshore lender to refund the limited recourse loan after death.

There are several cases where the corporate taxpayer boosts its capital dividend account in relation to the death benefit amount after it has been included in the capital dividend account (this implies that it was utilized to refund the limited-recourse loan).

In other situations, the LIA is acquired by individuals in order to get a significant life insurance premium and interest expense that will limit the taxable earnings.

Why is this considered a scheme?

Canada’s income tax is prevented by funds circling in and out of Canada.

The product is not sensible commercially and won’t be literally issued without other individual contracts.

The CRA has discovered that the capital dividend rise for life insurance is abused by promoted leveraged insured annuities, new LIA regulations, and other tax arrangements.

There would be severe consequences for your actions.

The CRA has continued to close down tax schemes through increased information gathering, improved interaction with taxpayers, and improved audits of promoters.

CRA reviews make the most of insurance products such as LIAs to determine the validity of the insurance items or simply drivers for tax exploitation. The CRA has also been able to recognize LIAs in a position of general anti-avoidance rule (GAAR) to reject any sought tax benefit.

Once this alleged insurance product is discovered by the CRA to be invalid, there are serious consequences for its participants and promoters such as third party civil punishments for its promoters and intense negligence punishments for its participants.

What should you do?

Canadians are encouraged by the CRA to look for a professional option for a reliable tax expert on critical tax issues.

Once you suspect a tax evasion, you can provide an online report to or by reaching out to the Informant Leads Centre on phone at 1-866-809-6841. The CRA will immediately safeguard your identity. You might also provide anonymous information.

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