Tangible and Intellectual Property in the Canadian Restaurant Industry


Possibly the most favourite pastime of Canadians, besides hockey, is going out to eat. As a result, the restaurant industry has always been thriving pre-COVID. This industry is known to take many preventive measures to protect its name, tangible, and intellectual property from its competitors with the help of intellectual property lawyer.

Tangible Property With Help Of An IP Lawyer

Tangible property is anything that has physical substance and can be touched. Examples include the building itself, automobiles used for business purposes, and food and beverage equipment.

Intellectual Property, on the other hand, is intangible, and it is more of a thought or an idea. Examples of Intellectual Property would be a Copyright (the restaurant’s jingle or slogan), a Trademark (a logo), a Patent (inventions special to the restaurant industry, and Trade-dress (any colours associated with the restaurant’s uniforms or building interior).

What can Managers in the Restaurant Industry Do to Protect the Property Rights of the Organization?

To protect the intellectual rights of the organization, managers in the restaurant industry can register their Intellectual Property at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) with the help of an IP Lawyer in Canada. This will protect their marketing efforts when they prepare to advertise to potential patrons. This will also prevent other restaurants from using parts of their name, logo, colours, slogan, or any other parts of their intellectual property.

When it comes to protecting the tangible rights of an organization, managers should make sure they have insurance just in case of unforeseen events. Insurance that focuses on protecting the losses, such as liability insurance, product liability, business insurance or any other insurance.

Intellectual Property Lawyer In Canada

Infringing on the intellectual rights of others could be very costly and time-consuming if the company in question decides to sue. Therefore, to assure that the intellectual rights of others are protected; managers should become knowledgeable of all the property infringement laws in the restaurant industry or hire an Intellectual Property Lawyer to guide them on the same. Claiming no knowledge of a particular law will not hold up in court.


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