Syllabus for SAT exam


The SAT is an entrance exam to get admission to renowned colleges and universities. Generally, the SAT exam syllabus for Indian students contains the five tests i.e. English, Mathematics, Science, History, and Languages. But, the students are supposed to take at least 2-3 tests to get into the college. One must figure out the test they are going to opt so that they could have enough time to prepare for test day. Here is the detail of SAT syllabus for the students who are thinking about giving the SAT exam-

  1. Reading Section-The reading section is a little easy than other sections. It contains the five reading passages with 10-11 questions. The main purpose of this section is to review the candidate’s ability that how well he could understand the written text. The questions are regarding synonyms or sentence form through which the candidate’s mental level is judged that how long he can assimilate the things well. Also, the students who had a habit of reading for a long could perform well in this section. At the same time, it could be difficult for some people who do not have a habit of reading and could take full time in reading the passages and left with less time to clear further sections. 

It is always recommended to keep an eye on the watch while doing a test. You should have done enough practice that will save you time in an exam. 

  1. Writing section- The next section in the SAT exam is of writing. The section contains five passages, each with 10-11 questions. The length of every passage is different from others. The candidate needs to find the error from the passage and replace it with an alternate word that fits best. In solving this passage the student has a better understanding of grammar. This is the right time for the students to show their skills and utilize their time instead of focusing on one single question throughout the paper. Therefore, the students mustgive more focus on punctuation, a grammar which is a must to clear a reading, writing section. 
  2. Mathematics section- The quantitative section is unique on its own. The section contains near about 58 question which a student needs to complete in 80 minutes. If you have done your Class 12 with mathematics then it will save you because the questions under this section are from chapter algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, and probability. Besides this, some of the questions are based on data interpretation. Therefore, more practice is required in solving the mathematics section. 
  3. Essay section (optional) – The last section under the SAT exam is of essay that merely people select. The time to complete this section is about 50 minutes. To score well in this section, then the pro tip for the students is to use simple and clear language. The essay should be around 700 words. 

So, the syllabus for the SAT exam contains four sections. One should prepare all these sections well to score well in the exam. Also, time is an important factor in clearing the exam. Hence, one should focus on each section to complete the test on time. 



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