SWR Pipes- What Are they? Their Uses, And Other Information


The sewage system as we see it today is highly complex and requires high-grade equipment. The most important equipment used in sewage transportation or drainage is an SWR pipe. These pipes are long-lasting and offer high-quality services. Additionally, their anti-corrosive and chemical-resistant properties make them an ideal tool for sewage transportation or drainage.

SWR pipes are also resistant to bacterial growth and offer high tensile strength, thus outperforming other types of pipes, such as metal pipes, when it comes to draining waste and water.

SWR stands for soil, water, and rainwater. SWR is a blanket term for fittings and pipes that are useful for any building’s residential and commercial drainage systems. The term Soil covers drainage from WC and toilets. The term Waste is for floor drains, kitchen, washroom, and washbasin areas. The term Rain covers rainwater drainage from top floors, balconies, and the other regions. These are three areas- soil, waste, and rain- covering any building or house’s three main drainage sections.

PVC SWR drainage pipes are the most popular SWR pipes, mainly due to ease of accessibility, availability, and installation. Additionally, these pipes are cost-efficient and provide long-lasting service. Therefore, PVC SWR pipes are now being used instead of metal pipes in India.

Why Choose SWR Pipes

  • Anti-leak structure
  • Lightweight
  • Easy-to-install
  • Easy maintenance
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Makes use of latest technologies
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Rust-proof
  • Chemical-resistant
  • High-flow rate
  • No wear and tear or scaling

Applications of SWR pipes-

  • Used for waste discharge
  • Used for solid waste drainage
  • Used as a discharge pipe for gas, foul odours etc
  • Used for transportation of rainwater
  • Used in industrial drainage systems
  • Useful for domestic and laboratory drainage
  • Used as a plumbing pipe in various commercial applications.

Major benefits of SWR pipes and fittings are listed below-

  1. Tensile strength and reliability- what makes SWR a top choice of most homeowners & industrialists is their high tensile strength, which makes them highly reliable and durable for drainage projects. This way, they can be used for high pressure domestic, commercial, industrial applications.
  2. Corrosion-resistant- SWR pipes are corrosion, rust and chemical-resistant. These characteristics make them useful for transporting bi-products, chemicals, and even heated industrial wastes. SWR pipes also do not corrode with time and have a smooth interior, thus preventing toxins or sewage waste deposition.
  3. Low maintenance- SWR pipes are lightweight, and this makes them a notch higher than traditional metal pipes used for drainage. This quality of SWR pipes allows for pain-free installation, thus saving time and effort. Less manpower is required to install SWR pipes. Additionally,  they can be easily transported from one location to another, thus saving up on costs.
  4. Cost-efficient- the main reason for them being cost-efficient is that they do not require heavy installation like metal pipes. This considerably reduces transportation, handling, costs while installation. Moreover, these pipes are highly long-lasting and require less maintenance, which saves up on costs as well.
  5. Safe-to-use- safety never comes second. With sustainability gaining ground daily, we must use earth-friendly products in all spheres of our life. Be it saving water or stress, curing the Earth of all the damage that has occurred already is the top concern of most manufacturers and companies. Every product has to adhere to sustainability standards.

SWR pipes are the answer to all safety concerns. These pipes are not only durable but also environment-friendly. They can easily withstand harsh temperatures and weather. They come with high-quality rubber seals that prevent any leakage from the pipes. Most SWR pipes conform to IS: 3592 standards and make use of modern techniques to avoid any mishaps.

 Vectus manufactures high-grade SWR pipe and fittings for domestic as well as commercial use. These pipes adhere to all the government restrictions required to maintain the safety of the users. These SWR pipes can be used by farmers, builders, and various industries. Vectus makes use of cutting-edge technology to manufacture all its products.


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