Styling Sleepwear PJs: 5 Must-Try Looks


Shopping for the right sleeping clothes has never been more manageable than simply picking a pair of comfy PJs. Also, well known for their health benefits, PJs even aid in signalling your body, regularising erratic sleep schedules. However, today pyjamas have evolved further due to their fashionable and unparalleled styles- wearing PJs outdoors is in vogue now! Also, with a pair of PJs, you can move around, stay comfy on your bed and look appealing even when some guests drop by. When it comes to styling them, luxury PJ slips are versatile. They can easily pair up with other bottom wears to pull off a fashionable look.

Ways to Style Your Nighttime PJs

An average Aussie woman spends only $834 on clothes annually, says a recent report. Despite this, dressing up to move outdoors, grab a coffee or meet a friend at the park isn’t going to feel heavy anymore. Also, to win the morning battles between choosing low waist jeans and cramped leggings, your overflowing night suits can come for the rescue. Styling your Pyjamas with different clothing layers and pants is all you will have to do to join others obsessed with pyjama dressing lately! Here are five fashionable styling ideas to transform your boring PJs into something attractive,

  1. Block Print PJ With a Solid Crop Tee

Pairing up a patterned PJ pant with a solid crop tee is a minimal style without adding too many accessories or outerwear. This style can look amazingly great at every random occasion, from a brunch date to night outs. The signature combination for this style is pairing a solid black or white crop tee/lace top with block printed PJ pants. If you want to have simplistic yet intricate details, go in for PJ pants with a lace or a bow belt. Buckle up a pair of white sneakers and, you are done for the day.

  1. The Satin PJ Set

A satin PJ slip paired with shorts is the go-to choice if you do not want to go for any mix n matches. Satin PJs look glossy and attractive, suit almost every skin tone irrespective of its pattern or colour. The classic choice is a pink PJ set paired with pink or white heels. You can also go with other bold solid colours like red, blue and purple. Alternatively, you can pick patterned PJ sets. Tip: They go well with straw lined flip-flops and slides.

However, if you prefer to go with a whole PJ set-Gigi way, you will have to switch to short heeld boots or stilettos. With the PJ top, pick the one with a V-neck closure and wear a bralette beneath.

  1. Tee Under the Slip

This is perhaps one style you must try as it’s simply easy to pull off yet looks dashing when set the right way. Get your solid PJ slip, but before that, find a contrast matching tee to wear underneath. White tees are the traditional choice. Luckily, you can use the same white tee to pair up with PJ slips of colour like black, olive green, red, etc. For better detailing, pick asymmetrical PJ slips and add a horseshoe buckle belt above.

  1. The Classy Blazer Over PJ

Blazers have been timeless layer wear, and they make your PJ slip look unconditionally stunning when worn over. The signature look is a white PJ slip paired with a satin, black blazer and white sneakers. However, you can go wild with the colours but make sure they go complementary. You can also add accessories to accomplish a classic party look- a black/silver choker or a piece of the rose-gold layered necklace are the best additives to go for.


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