Stress Free Guide About The Visitor Visas For Australia


Are you planning to visit Australia to pay a visit to any of your friends or family members? Even if not then do you need to visit Australia for the purpose to serve any business trip? If yes, then apply for an Australian visitor visa right now. There are primarily three types of visitor visas which Australia is offering to its overseas applicants. These include the visitor visa subclass 600, Electronic Travel Authority visa 601 and the eVisitor 651 visa.

An introduction to the three types of visitor visas

So, now you already know that there are primarily three types of visitor visas. The eVisitor a 651 visa, the ETA 601 visa and the visitor visa subclass 600. A brief introduction to each of these visas can be considered below.

  1. Visitor Visa Subclass 600

The tourist visa 600 can be applied for by overseas applicants from all walks of life. With this          visa, you can stay in Australia for up to 3, 6 and 12 months respectively. This particular visa        is also suitable for people who need to visit Australia for any kind of business purpose. This particular visa is furthermore divided into five different streams. These include business visitor visa, tourist visa, frequent traveller visa, sponsored family visa and approved destination status.

What else?

Are you on a tour from People’s Republic of China with a registered travel agent? If your reply is yes, then you can apply for this as well.

  1. The ETA Visa Subclass 601

Do you need to visit Australia for business or multiple purposes within a period of 1 year as a tourist? Even if not, then does your passport remain valid for not more than 3 months at a time? If your reply to any of these questions is yes, then apply for the Eta Subclass 601 visa unhesitatingly. With this visa, you can visit Australia as a tourist or business visitor as many times as you want. It allows you to stay in Australia for not more than 3 months within a period of 1 year.

Where to apply for the 601 visa from?

If you want to apply for this visa, then, you will have stay outside Australia and not inside the nation. Besides, only passport holders belonging to certain countries can apply for this visa.

  1. Evisitor Visa Subclass 651

This particular visa offers you a validity period of 12 months. The Evisitor 651 Visa allows you to enter Australia and stay over there for not more than 3 months. You can visit Australia with this either for serving a business or tourist purpose. EVisitor passport belonging to certain nations can apply for this visa. You don’t need to pay a single penny to obtain this particular visa. This is because the eVisitor visa is offered to overseas applicants completely free of cost. You have to be outside Australia when applying for this visa.

Eligibility Criteria for each of the visitor visas

There are certain eligibility criteria which you need to meet to apply for any of these three visitor visas. The eligibility requirements pertaining to each of these visas can be considered below.

  1. Visitor Visa Subclass 600

The eligibility requirements of the Visitor Visa Subclass 600 can be considered below.

  • While applying for this visa you must be outside Australia until you get a formal approval.
  • If you are applying for this visa from inside Australia, then stay in Australia until a final decision.
  • You mustn’t owe any sort of debt to the Australian government or mustn’t have any criminal records previously.
  • You must be the holder of your own health insurance as well. This is because you won’t be covered by Medicare (Australia’s National Health Scheme). Conversely, you can be a valid holder of Medicare only if your country shares a reciprocal healthcare agreement with Australia.
  • You also need to prove that you are visiting Australia to serve a genuine purpose. Say for instance, for visiting friends or family, as a tourist or for any recreational purpose.

You can only apply for this visa after meeting each of these criteria effectively. Failure to comply with even with a single eligibility requirement might lead to the refusal/cancellation of your visa.

  1. ETA Visa Subclass 601

You must belong to certain countries to be eligible to apply for the 601 Visa successfully. These include the Vatican City, US, UK pertaining to both British Citizen and British National (Overseas), Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland etc. The other countries include Taiwan, Spain, South Korea, Singapore, Republic of San Marino, Portugal, Norway, Monaco, Malta and so on. Malaysia, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Japan, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Hong Kong (SAR of China), Greece, Germany, France are a few of them.

The other countries

Finland, Denmark, Brunei, Belgium, Austria, Canada, and Andorra are the rest of the countries. You won’t be able to apply for this visa if you aren’t the passport holder of any of these countries.

  1. Evisitor Visa 651

To apply for the subclass 651 visa, then, you must be the passport holder of certain countries as well. These include Vatican City, Switzerland, UK-British Citizen, Sweden, Spain, Slovenia, Slovak Republic, Romania, Republic of San Marino, and Portugal etc. Some of the other countries include Poland, Norway, The Lithuania, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Monaco, Malta, Latvia, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Iceland etc.

The other countries

Greece, Hungary, Germany, Finland, France, Estonia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Croatia, Bulgaria, Belgium, Austria, Belgium, and Andorra include the rest.

You can apply for this visa only if you belong to any of these countries. Apart from that, you must satisfy the following requirements to become eligible to apply.

  • Meet all the health and character requirements properly.
  • You should be the holder of your own health scheme unlike Medicare (Australia’s National Health Scheme).You can be the holder of Medicare only if your country shares a reciprocal health care agreement with Australia.
  • You must be outside Australia while applying for this visa.
  • You shouldn’t have Tuberculosis.
  • You must also prove that you are visiting Australia temporarily on this visa for a business or tourism purpose.
  • You mustn’t owe any debt to the Australian government and
  • You mustn’t have a criminal record of a jail sentence exceeding a period of 1 year.

You too can apply for any of these visitor visas by contacting a Migration Agent Perth immediately. According to your immigration status your Visa Consultant Perth will recommend you the most suitable visa to apply for.









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