Step by Step Knowledge about YouTube Thumbnail

YouTube Thumnail
YouTube Thumbnail

An opportune YouTube Thumbnail represents the central idea of your video. A relevant and substantial thumbnail is genuine cause for diversion of audience’s attention towards your video to click the video link to watch your video. A stunning Thumbnail makes the minds of the video watchers to watch the video till they reach at that point in the video for which they have started watching the video. After finding the video meaningful the viewers may land your website with the aim of conversion.

What is YouTube Thumbnail Maker?

When you upload your video on YouTube, it automatically allocates a thumbnail to your video that may or may not be your choice for your video. It means you need a facility of customized thumbnail that is only feasible with software known as YouTube Thumbnail maker. With the help of this software you can create your own thumbnail in matter of minutes to score high click through rate for your video.

YouTube Thumbnail Dimension

To have knowledge about YouTube Thumbnail Size is the first step in creation of Customized YouTube Thumbnail and for the solution of this YouTube has defined a standard for its dimensions that are 1280 X 720 pixels. Recommended image formats for this are .JPG,.GIF,.BMP or .PNG. The maximum file size is 2 MB. This explained dimension is ideal dimensions for YouTube Thumbnail.

There are some obscure benefits if you abide by the standards of the YouTube. Your video visibility remains apparent and it is more helpful in video optimization

The minimum resolution criterion with dimensions is 640 X 360 pixels respectively.

YouTube supports videos with diverse aspect ratios depending on the video formats. YouTube video player are flexible that adjust themselves according to the size of each video. YouTube has introduced a standard aspect ratio on computer is 16:9. In case of other aspect ratio player will adjust itself with the ideal size and viewer’s gadget. On the other hand for some videos and gadget aspect ratio for vertical videos on computer is 9:16 that is optimized for good view by the YouTube with the addition of padding that is white in color by default and in case of dark theme it is dark.

If you are interested in the finest results, abstain from the padding or use of black bar directly to your videos. Padding is obstacle when YouTube makes effect to adjust the player dynamically with the  video size and gadget of the viewer.

Reasons for Using Custom YouTube Thumbnail

  • Custom YouTube Thumbnail grabs the attention of audiences
  • It gives identity to business brand and assists in increasing its popularity in the market
  • All internet marketers agree at the point that it is a tool for marketing of your brand.
  • Keep on changing your Custom YouTube Thumbnail is a good practice as periodic dynamic activities are welcomed by the YouTube and are good source for brand recognition.
  • For good introduction of your brand write precise text along with your business logo at lower bottom end of Thumbnail.

Recommended Tool for Custom YouTube Thumbnail

There are many tools on the planet that facilitate you in creation of Custom Thumbnail but there is no alternative of graphic design tool presented by the gotodesigno. There are some salient features of this tool

  • This tool is very user friendly and one can use this tool without any prior training of any graphic design tool. Just read the literature at the website or watch our videos on YouTube.
  • This tool has a set of free templates that can benefit you in creation of Thumbnail in matter of minutes.
  • You are permitted to use your self-created template in designing

Use this tool and create your own Custom YouTube Thumbnail for your video for the best intention for which you have dedicated yourself.





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