Spice Up Zoom Meetings And Enhance Team Self-Confidence

Free Zoom Virtual Office

Nowadays, people are working from home because of COVID-19 pandemics. In-person meetings are changed into online meetings to handle the business from home. There are many video conferencing applications like Zoom, Google Duo, FaceTime, Skype, and many more. Like Google, Zoom is gaining popularity around the world that allows people to work from home efficiently and conveniently.  In April 2020, the CEO of Zoom, Eric S. Yuan said that more than 400 million online meetings are organized per day. The previous data regarding zoom shows that only 13 million people use the Zoom platform for online meetings by the end of the year 2019. This data will increase in 2020 because many people use Zoom for online meetings due to Corona virus.

Zoom offers you a feature of Free Zoom Virtual Office Backgrounds which allows you to change your real background with a virtual background. You must choose a suitable background that makes you professional in front of your colleagues.

Here we mention some points that help you to spice up the Zoom meeting and take them to the next level:

  • Make a theme for your online video conferencing meetings

To spice up your online meeting with Zoom, you can add your favorite theme to the Zoom meeting. Adding a theme to your video call will encourage your colleagues to express themselves more effectively. For example, if you want to make a remote meeting, you can invite the participants for an elective formal outfit. If you expected to come to your colleagues in a fancy dress, you may ask for that. It will make you to enjoy the different looks of different people. Have fun with your colleagues using themes to your meetings.

  • Arrange a background contest

You can arrange a background contest with the help of using the free virtual zoom backgrounds. Everyone can use the zoom virtual background of their choice and you can vote for the best zoom virtual background during the video conferencing call. You may also ask the colleagues to guess the location or any scene from which the background is chosen. You can encourage the participants to share photos from their childhood days as a virtual background. You can get free virtual backgrounds from sources like pixel or Unsplash and other different sources. You need to download the images before starting the video call to use it as a virtual background.

  • Virtual happy hour for your community

You need to maintain a sense of society for good engagement and output. If you choose to work remotely, you may manage a virtual happy hour that provides you a time to know your participants very well. You can make any day a virtual hour and do some activities that everyone loves to do. You can lighten up the burden of boring meetings through virtual happy hours.

You can spice up the Zoom meetings with these ideas, so that you never fed up with the long business meetings. Free commercial backgrounds will improve your online business meetings. If you are working from home, use these ideas to enhance the online meetings.


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