Smart SEO Tools That Will Make Your Work Easier

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A Well optimized website is more possible to have a top rank in the Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs. If your page does not appear on the first 2 or 3 pages of the search result it means that your page might not well optimized. Such pages or websites are never visited by people as they like to prefer the websites or pages that appear on the top. This is the major reason why SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization has a crucial role in getting a top rank and recognition to your page.

 There are many smart SEO tools that will help you to make your work a whole lot easier. Using these tools will make your website well optimized and help it get top rank. Here are a few smart SEO tools that will help to enhance your page. These tools are recommended by SEO Agra which is best seo company in Agra India.

  1. Google Search Console:

This is a top SEO tool that is absolutely free for every website holder. This amazing tool lets you monitor and see how your website looks on Google SERP. You can also check your website through Google analytics and then submit the sitemap of your page for indexing. Being an SEO checker tool, it will help you in understanding how the users and Google see your website also will help you in optimizing it for better ranking and performance.

  1. Ahrefs:

This SEO keyword tool is one of the perfect online tools. By using this tool you can boost your website to a whole new level as it highlights the parts of your website that needs optimization and helps to achieve a better rank for your webpage. This tool can even be used to determine the backlinks of your competitor’s page and use it as a start point of your brand.

  1. SpyFu:

This SEO tool helps you to gather all the information, ad variations and keywords that your competitors are using on their sites. This tool is very easy to use. You only required to enter the domain name i.e. your competitor’s website name. It also provides useful recommendations regarding ad words. It even shows you the ranking history of a particular site or webpage by simply using a keyword. Using this tool, you can increase traffic on your website and get a better rank for it.

  1. GTmetrix:

This amazing tool analyses your entire page or website and optimizes it. It shows your site’s loading time performing score. This tool has around 28 servers located in different regions. You can check the loading time speed of your page from these locations and see how much time your page takes to load in various locations.

  1. Pro Rank Tracker:

This SEO tool is a free cloudbased keyword rank tracker. It also gives you a complete report solution consisting of information regarding the keywords that you should target and include in your website to increase the ranking. This is one of the best tools as it gives accurate results about your website’s rank. You can even use this tool to know the rank of your YouTube videos.


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