Skin Tightening Treatments: A Wonderful Thing for Your Skin

Skin Tightening

In the cosmetic world, not all procedures are surgical and involve needles and pointed objects. Some of them can be tender and rejuvenating and change the look of your face and stomach. For skin tightening in Toronto treatment, these procedures are non-invasive than the surgical ones and yet procedure similar results. These treatments are based on new technologies and are highly cost-effective with long-term effects. 

What is skin tightening?

Skin tightening treatments are used to produce more youthful-looking skin. These procedures reduce shrinkage to some level and lift your skin, thus creating an appearance of tighter and younger-looking skin. The results for skin tightening treatment can vary dramatically depending on skincare products, medical devices, and surgical procedures followed. However, the procedure has an effect on the knowledge of the doctor. 

But, the question is, why does the skin get loose in the first place?

The answer is aging. Sagging or loosening your skin is a normal aging phenomenon. However, many factors play a role in the look and feel of your skin. This includes gravity, genetics, stress, pollution, diet, and radiation from the sun. All these external factors contribute to your body’s ability to repair or restore the damaged cells of your body. 

Furthermore, as you age, your body’s supply of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid decreases until it diminishes completely. However, you need to understand that the aging process can be different for different people. 

The types of skin tightening treatments 

Newborn babies have the richest supply of proteins called elastin and collagen. These cells are responsible for defining the structure and elasticity of your skin. As you start aging or growing, your skin starts losing all its elasticity. Non-surgical skin tightening treatments target certain areas of your skin that become looser than the others. Other stressful or drastic occurrences like pregnancy and weight loss, can also contribute to stretch marks and sagging skin. 

There are two major types of treatment:

  • In-office procedures performed by trained personnel 
  • And, at-home treatments given by a practiced individual

In-office and at-home skin tightening procedures 

  1. Radiofrequency: This procedure involves waking up the lost or inactive collagen cells. This procedure is used to apply controlled radio waves to the area of your skin and help it tighten. This procedure is performed with no anesthesia and there is no recovery time required. Thermalift is one treatment session, but people do benefit from multiple sessions too. 
  2. Intense pulsed light/radiofrequency: A Velashape is a handheld device used to shrink the fat cells. The device sends infrared waves into your skin cells that break the fat deposits. Even radiofrequency waves can be used for the procedure. This procedure does not require anesthesia and can be practiced easily. 
  3. Ultrasound therapy: Unlike getting lip injections in Toronto, ultrasound skin tightening procedures use ultrasound waves sent deep into your skin to stimulate collagen production. There are several handheld devices available in the market and you can purchase them online too. 


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