Six autumn and winter favorite lipsticks in this yellow skin! Invincible!


Winter is here. I recently picked up my cosmetics and selected the six most used lipsticks in this autumn and winter. Both the color and the texture are my favorites, especially white!

winter favorite lipsticks

YSL Small Silver Bar 107

The color of Ysl Small Silver Bar 107 is really suitable for autumn and winter. At first glance, it looks like a heartbeat. The color is red-brown jujube mud color, which can be applied daily. The texture is a bit moisturized and light with a matte finish, but it is not easy to color because of its clarity. Just apply it a few times. It will not dry out after being put on the mouth and will not show lip lines. Moreover, it is a beautiful color with a thick and thin coating. It can be controlled by any skin regardless of skin color.


The velvet shell must be exaggerated to be too advanced. The paste is still Givenchy’s unique fragrance, and the velvet texture is very advanced. The color is classic and rich retro red with a little blue tone, high color rendering, and full durability, matte texture, and dumb but not dry lips. There is a hint of rose on the mouth, but it’s really not very rose, just in the right state. It is also very suitable for autumn and winter to wear lipstick, high-end retro and white, silky and delicate, not picky. Buy Women’s Makeup & Cosmetics and never Miss ASOS discount code


The maple leaf brick is red, the color of autumn, yes, it is very bright orange, and the orange tones are mixed with brown tones. It is really a very atmospheric one! The rich and world-weary retro feeling is very strong. I have a strong sense of substitution. I acted in a movie in my heart. It is very temperament and white. I always like the texture of Givenchy red velvet. It is matte but very smooth. The moment I put it on my mouth I really like the touch. And I feel that no matter what the occasion is, I can control the painting and feel that I have a strong sense of beauty. Yellow skin can also be used, thin coating to enhance the color, thick coating of retro art, and the matte texture is real and beautiful.

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Aunt, the originator of the color lipstick world, is always out of stock. I’ve never been made, it looks good no matter how you rub it. If you can’t hold this aura, the biting lip will look good, the texture is very velvet, super white. The thick coating is a super aura, and the coating has a very unique feminine charm. There is a bit of purple in the reddish-brown, haha, and the reddish-brown and cherries are absolutely amazing. It is very moist when applied, but after it dries, it has a matte finish. It is both moist and matte, which is very good for coloring and does not dry out.


Did you change your lipstick after the winter? It turned out to be the white star 196 that I had to love in autumn and winter. Lancome 196 is indeed the originator-grade carrot color. It is super white. After applying it, the whole color is very bright and bright. It does not pick the skin color at all, and the yellow skin is also very beautiful. The thin coating is slightly orange, it will look more lively. The thick paint is orange and red, and A and rusty, full of aura in the crowd. I also really like the texture of this lipstick. It is a very high-quality matte. It doesn’t dry out on the mouth, and it spreads smoothly. Wearing this color with a sweater coat for autumn and winter is super texture, and it is full of high-level sense when you go to work or on a date.  Buy makeup at NHS ASOS Discount Code at NHS Discount

Armani Red Tube 201

The one with a high rate of appearance in autumn and winter, a very positive blood color. Invincible white, the color is too positive, the saturation and color rendering is great! The texture of the velvet is moist and full on the upper lip, and the difference between cold and warm light is not very big. You can apply it thinly every day, use your fingers to stun, and the entire makeup will look advanced; if it is thickly applied, it will definitely be the focus of the audience, and the aura will be full. The strong Hong Kong style and retro atmosphere. This red tube 201 lip glaze is soft and waxy in texture, matte velvet, high saturation, and a strong aura.


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