Signs That Your Car Needs a Visit to the Auto Repair Shop Immediately


Paying visits to the auto repair shops, is an integral part of car ownership, and we all know the necessity of it. But not all car owners cherish this part of ownership and tend to postpone the visits, doing which they are actually pushing the car too far to experience bad health. As a result, the next visit to the auto repair shop might come up most unexpectedly and demand lot more money, than you would have prepared yourself for.

It is to save you from such ordeal, that we are listing here all those signs and symptoms, that say, your car needs an immediate attention, that too from a professional place like the auto repair shop. We learned all this from the mechanics of the Morganton auto repair center who shared their experiences they gathered through years.

Strong Engine Vibration

If your car engine starts vibrating too strongly as soon as you key start your car, which keeps increasing, know that there is a mechanical issue with any of the major components of the engine, and it can be fixed back only by a skilled and trained hand. The most common reasons behind such vibrations can be many. It could be that the spark plugs have worn out. The brake rotors, shocks, or struts could be damaged, and hence they are malfunctioning. There could also be a disconnection in the wires, or inside the battery terminals. The hoses or timing belt could have become loose or worn out. Sometimes even misaligned car wheels can be the reason behind such vibrations. But it is the job of the professionals to find out the exact reason, and do the needful, since the engine is too complicated and complex a mechanism to be fixed at home.

White Smoke Emission

When a car starts emitting white smoke, that too in large quantity, it is indicative of several problems, like a blown-out head gasket, a damaged head of the engine cylinder, a crack in the engine block because of excessive heat and so on. It could also be a faulty exhaust system, and in any of these cases, your car can be brought to its normal condition only by the professionals.

Odor Like a Rotten Egg

If your car cabin is generating an odor as bad as a rotten egg, it could be because of a faulty fuel pressure regulator, or the wrong engine fluid type that isn’t suggested by your car manufacturer. But whatever could be the case, it must be addressed immediately with the help of professional mechanics.

A Squealing Brake

If your brakes are making a squealing o squeaking noise, whenever you engage them, or it feels too hard or too soft under your feet, whenever you press the brake pedals, know that you need to take your car to an auto repair shop immediately, since you can’t afford to have a malfunctioning brake that can claim lives, strictly warned the mechanics of the auto repair service in Morganton.


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