Signs That Prove The Presence Of Mold In Your Home


Presence of mold is a very common issue in homes. Though it can be very harmful and cause structural damages and can even affect your health when left untreated. If you spot mold in your house then the best way to deal with it is to immediately consult a mold removal company and report the matter to them. Simply removing the visible mold with soap and sponge won’t be a permanent solution rather leaving it in the hands of professionals and letting them handle it would be appropriate.

Usually areas with high moisture content are more prone to mold growth. Therefore, try maximum to reduce the amount of moisture entering your house. Strange smell, allergy, skin irritation are some of the symptoms of mold growth. Do not ever ignore these symptoms rather take proper care of them by hiring a reputed mold removal company.

Below are signs that prove the presence of mold in your house :

Strange smell :

  • One of the most prominent signs that confirms the presence of mold in your house is a strange smell coming out of your heating system or air conditioner. These electronic appliances are considered to be common spots for mold growth.
  • They are dark and are usually exposed to heat when not being used which caters to be the perfect environment for mold growth.
  • Therefore, whenever you sense such strange smells the most appropriate option is to look for a mold removal company and let them deal with it.


Your walls crack and you find spots on your wall:

  • Your walls tend to crack when there is mold present in it. Though the main reason behind cracking could be exposure to excessive moisture but high moisture content attracts mold.
  • Hence, do keep an eye on the walls of your house and make sure to notice areas which seem a little damp or warped.
  • Mold tends to appear in different colors, shapes and textures. If there’s sudden appearance of spots on your wall then do check for leaks or content of humidity in your home because it may be mold showing its presence in that way.


You have suddenly started to feel itchy and have been experiencing skin irritations :

  • You have suddenly started to feel itchy more than usual then it might be a sign that mold is residing in your home. Not only that presence of mold also leads to sudden skin irritations and allergies.
  • Therefore, whenever you feel such skin issues more than usual then it is better to get your home inspection done in order to see if there’s any mold present or not.


You experience more frequent headaches :

  • Presence of mold in your house can cause negative effects both in short term and long term. Short term effects include headaches, cold and cough.

If you have been experiencing headaches more than usual then there might be a chance of mold residing in your home. There’s no harm in getting mold inspection done for your safety and confirming whether it is there or not.


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