Should You Believe CBD Endorsements Before Buying Any Products?


The popularity of CBD has been on a steady rise. CBD is most likely the most talked-about chemical substance in the wellness industry right now. Many influencers you follow may have engaged in CBD endorsements promoting the benefits of these products.


A lot of local stores, Amazon, and even pet stores are selling CBD products. However, if you are considering using CBD for medical or recreational purposes, you may want to understand a bit more about how it can affect you physically, emotionally, and psychologically.


What is CBD?


CBD is currently being hailed as the solution for many psychological issues, even though little evidence confirms its efficacy. You may want to understand how CBD works in your body before consuming it. CBD is a chemical substance found in the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant has a few widespread subspecies, including marijuana and hemp.


CBD contains a tetrahydrocannabinol compound or THC with the potency to intoxicate people and make them feel “high.” Marijuana contains higher amounts of THC than CBD. In theory, CBD can control anxiety, depression, stress, and a few other ailments. However, its use in medicine is still being studied and debated. CBD may have the ability to interact with the endocannabinoid system, which controls sensations like pain, memory, sleep, and immunity.


Research Available on CBD

Research shows that CBD helps in pain relief, anxiety, muscle strain relief, low insulin resistance, and even works against conditions like Parkinson’s disease. However, most of the research has only been done on animals, and there is little research on how CBD affects the human body.


Consulting a Reliable Doctor is the Right Thing to Do


CBD is extracted from a plant, but that doesn’t stop it from being a drug. Consuming it without medical prescriptions could cause adverse consequences. Speaking to your doctor is the best thing to do. Some studies show CBD use in high doses may cause issues like liver toxicity. Your doctor knows how much is too much.


CBD can also be harmful to you if you are on other medications. Its components may react with the chemicals in your medicine to cause allergic reactions and ill health.


Find Out More About Different Types of CBD Products


Influencers involved in CBD endorsements make it seem like there is no limit to CBD’s benefits. There is also no shortage of the variety and number of CBD products available in the market today. It might help if you knew that not all CBD products are the same. Different products have different levels of THC.


Some of these products are completely THC-free. Doing some research about all kinds of CBD products and their effect on your system is a good call.


CBD infused food and drinks


Even restaurants, bars, and cafes are now selling CBD-infused drinks and food. Bakers sell CBD-infused brownies and cookies. However, the CBD sector is almost entirely unregulated. Debates about its legal status are still going on. Also, there is no way to know where the CBD is sourced from, how it was packaged and transported. It is wise to be cautious about any CBD-infused dish or drink you may be tempted to try.


Unregulated CBD Endorsements May Not Be Reliable


CBD influencers may be marketing CBD products, endorsing their safety and their effectiveness. However, only scientific and medical research can decide if the products are as beneficial as they claim them to be. It may be best to wait for more information on its legal and medical status before jumping on the bandwagon. If you choose to consume CBD products, it’s advised you at least find out more about the substance’s quality.





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