Should Companies Keep Hiring During Crisis Time?

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With a tremendous impact on the global economy and the lives of people, businesses across the globe are going through an unprecedented time. Needless to mention, a crisis time changes every strategy and action of an organization.  Now, to tackle such times, most leaders and firms normally consider cutting down their budgets and most importantly, freezing recruiting.  However, one cannot overlook the fact that tough times equally opens many doors of opportunities for a company to attain excellent talents. Plus, a constructive strategy can help managers/employers to carry out the hiring process without compromising costs. 

Also, we have numerous technological advances today that are helping workers in every field to complete their tasks from anywhere they have a good internet connection. No employer ever thought that functioning a company and its activities from home can be easy; however, it is the reality today. So, when we have already relied on technology for various things, why not use recruitment and HR software in India and move to a virtual recruitment strategy. Such software are helping HR managers to innovate and transform their recruiting style altogether. 

Managers are likely to be overwhelmed during this whole process but it is completely normal during a new transition. To make your task a little easier, here are some tips to develop and implement a virtual recruitment process. 

Consider & Hire The Right Qualities 

People love working from home but the truth is that not every individual has the right set of skills and experience to fit a position. Keeping that in mind, HR managers should interview candidates, considering what qualities and skills they primarily want. Managers should work with their team to come up with the required skills, experience, and qualities that will make the new remote worker successful in the role. With the help of HR software in India, a team can discuss and make decisions easily and efficiently. 

Once the manager has the aforementioned alignment, he or she should mention these skills in the job description as well. Furthermore, one should conduct the whole hiring process and screen candidates using these attributes. 

Adopt The Right Recruiting Strategy 

The evaluation process with remote job applicants always starts with initial communication with them. Like onsite candidate evaluation, HR managers should also pay equal attention while interviewing a remote candidate; sometimes even more.

Evaluate the following things: 

  • How quickly does he or she respond to calls and emails? 
  • Does he or she communicate clearly and effectively, both in writing and over the call? 

Also, managers should consider video interviews and conduct actual interviews. This way, one can evaluate factors such as body language, confidence level, eye contact, etc. Observing these behaviors eventually helps a manager to screen against the list of skills mentioned earlier.

Build An Excellent Candidate Experience 

Candidate experience should not be overlooked at any point. With that being said, it is the duty of a manager to offer a welcoming atmosphere during interview sessions. This way one can ensure that candidates are relaxed to be their best selves. This will also help managers to spot real talent easily.

Also, it is the primary duty of an HR manager to keep the candidates engaged. Use one of the best HR software in India to improve candidate engagement throughout the hiring process, even if it’s from afar. 

Such software will help a manager to connect to candidates and maintain a relationship throughout each stage of the recruiting. From the status of their application to how they are moving in the recruitment process, candidates can be informed of everything in just a few clicks. 

Ask The Right Questions 

A highly efficient worker who can thrive in an office environment cannot always have an interest or motivation to work hard and stay on track while working from home. So, managers should use the right interview questions to carefully assess a candidate who may not fit for both the position and the work environment.

All in all, you can keep the hiring process going by just relying on the best recruitment and HRMS software available and considering the aforementioned tips.


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