Seven things to Consider when you Shop Flip Flops Online


Are you thinking of online shopping to grab those funky pair of Flip Flops? Consider these seven factors before you go ahead and make that click!!!

Flip Flops (also known as thongs) are undoubtedly the most comfortable footwear ever invented. A happy and hassle-free sandal, they are available in various styles and sizes. Though they are available online as well as retail stores, there are many benefits to buying online. However, before you run off and buy them, bear in mind these following things, which will help you find the right pair.

  1. Comfort

If it’s not comfortable, it’s not for you. Dealing with blisters and the cramped foot is the last thing you need, and as your feet are always on display, your footwear is not worth the pain.

If you are walking for long distances, it can work on your toes and trigger any discomfort. Choosing better-quality footwear can tackle this issue. A strong Y-shaped strap can eliminate such problems and give you proper arch support, especially for those dealing with heel pain or any orthotic issues.

  1. Material

Just like clothing, it’s the material that makes all the difference. Cheap material may give you good cost-cutting benefits, but it’s sure not to provide you with long-term results.

Apart from the sole, strap material is equally important and cannot be ignored. Some of the good quality straps are much more comfortable and help you walk long distances easily without any foot issues. Go for suede/leather straps that ooze comfort and quality. Thinner, stylish straps are made of rubber that may not be superb comfortable wise.

Similarly, the sole is an important part of any footwear. The soles are thinner making your foot closer to the ground and vulnerable to handle more impact with each step. Hence, it is crucial to find a shoe through online shopping that contours with your foot’s shape, is shock-absorbing, and prevents any blisters.

  1. Colors

Stating the obvious colors make a significant impact on our whole attire, especially if you want to wear matching/contrasting ones. Stick with standard shoe colors – black, white, navy, and khaki. As you will be wearing them frequently, make sure you nail the look while feeling comfortable.

If you are at the beach, on vacation, or having a cozy brunch with friends/family, you can easily flaunt a pair of thongs that are a bit “out there”, like pink, yellow, orange, etc

  1. Brand

While a few might be surprised, some already know that these popular brands produce amazing thongs. That’s because the brands are aware of how convenient and useful it is. To name a few – Nike, Reef, Adidas, Crocs, and Quicksilver are a few of the top brands that you can buy from while shopping online.

  1. Durability

One of the common issues with flip flops is that the strap breaks off from the sole. Though they don’t work like an ideal shoe, they are indeed required to be strong. For instance, if a flip flop breaks, it isn’t easy to repair it immediately. You need to hunt for a local shoe repair store to have it fixed or replaced that adds to your budget.

Considering such factors, we recommend that you buy a pair that is worthy quality wise and monetary wise.

  1. Location

Thongs are versatile as you can wear them at any situation and any time (of course, keeping in mind a few exceptions where you shouldn’t wear them).

For instance, if you are using them for walking, grab a pair that have comfortable, strong soles with excellent support. But if you want a pair to relax by the pool or beach, go for something water-resistant, chic, and easy to clean.

  1. Price

Cost is a factor to be considered, especially for those who are on a budget. Though we agree that you will get the best when you pay a good value, this doesn’t mean we want you to over-pay for what you get.

Research well, look up reviews, and then invest if you deem it worthy enough. We think that buying a pair is an excellent investment as long as they can last many summers and survive the rain. So, when you are online shopping for a pair of flip flops, bear in mind that at times, paying that extra buck might give you long-lasting results.










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