Seven Home Renovation Projects to Invest in 2021


Houses are an extension of our personalities. The themes, wall paint colors, and furnishings we choose speak a lot about us as a homeowner and the creativity we carry. And the best part – there are endless ways to explore it.

Some of the transformations are cheap, and some extract out a significant portion of your pocket. Also, some projects wind up shortly over the weekend, and some take a couple of days. However, very few add value to your property in the real sense and offer a satisfactory return on investment later.

So, in this article, I have enlisted a few projects that can make your home beautiful economically and practically. You can plan any or all of these this year depending upon your preferences and time and budget availability.

  1. Minor Kitchen Remodel

Let us start with ideas for the people on a budget. Make a few changes here and there in the kitchen. Repaint the walls, refinish or reface the cabinets, update your hardware, replace the countertops, upgrade your light fixtures, install new flooring or just add a backsplash.

  1. Deck or Patio

Installing a deck or patio onto your home may seem like an expensive project but is way cheaper than other home remodels that generate commendable ROI. It offers you an extra space to relax outside on cosy evenings and leave long-lasting impressions on your prospective buyers.

  1. Home Office

Working from home has become the new normal due to the pandemic, and employees want a quiet nook to concentrate well. A home office is a great area to add as there is no one there to distract you. Also, when it is time to resale, it can be the USP of your property.

  1. Bathroom Addition

Agree or not, but adding a bathroom increases the sense of enjoyment of an individual and makes him desire to be home more often. An extra bathroom leads to better functionality and livability in the premises and doesn’t cost crazy like other renovations.

  1. Major Kitchen Remodel

This generally consists of a 360-degree transformation where your kitchen has to be gutted and put back together. Some examples can be re-doing the layout or replacing all electrical appliances and the majority of other items. It can cost you over $50000 but generate an immense, 80% return.

  1. Master Suite

If you plan to stay in your current house for several years, adding a master suite is a smart decision. It can cost you anywhere from $20000 to $65000 but if you look at the convenience it offers, that is worth it.

  1. Two-Story Addition

When you want to live in the same house and expand your living space to cater to everyone’s needs, a second story and a designer staircase are your best bet. By no means are these cheap, but you can reap good returns when you go out to sell.


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