Serve Your Fragrances a Justice, Common Mistakes Committed by Men!

men's scents

It is a fact that most men do not serve justice to their perfumes and go on applying them in the wrong way. Knowing how to use perfume is an art which, can avoid blunders like over-application or result in a scent that fades soon.

From choosing the scent of applying it, the whole cycle is a bit tricky. With millions of options available, choosing the wrong one is the most common incident that can happen to anyone. It is not just the fragrance that you are purchasing that can lead to the foul-smelling misstep, but there are more associated things.

You must avoid these common mistakes and target to be able to choose the right perfume for your wardrobe collection.

Here’s a list of common ditches that men fall into with Men’s Scents:

  • Not observing Patience:What do you do after entering a department store while purchasing perfumes? Smell the strips given to you to check fragrance. Avoid this! Instead, spray the mist on your wrists and take a short stroll in the store. In the meanwhile, this gives the scent its time to develop and blend with your body odor. Now sniff again and observe how the notes unfold on your skin. A good perfume blends well with the skin’s chemistry, and it takes time. If you’re in a hurry and thinking of buying a new fragrance, stop and save the idea for another day!
  • Limiting Samples:Prepare a brief for the salesperson before dropping into the store. IT should contain an idea of what notes you are looking for, e.g., woody, musky, fresh, etc. Your nose should be able to recognize it in the first sniff. Correctly test several fragrances. Take intervals and give your senses time to be ready to test again. This will ensure how a perfume settles on you. The tones, the aromas, are they perfectly fitting your personality? Shortlist & ask for samples to take home. Try them for a week or two and decide!
  • Buying Perfume that smells Good on Others:Choosing an accessory based on peer choices is common. But perfume is a unique personal accessory that varies from person to person! A perfume smelling good on your friend may smell horrible on you. It is all about how the fragrance oils react with your skin oils. Take time to research and learn what kind of tones will bring the finishing touch in your personality. The best perfume should speak of the chemistry your fragrance has with you. Hence learn and acknowledge your sensories!
  • Neglecting the appropriate application method:One of the fears many men conjure about is the over-application of perfume. The simple trick is to apply sparingly. You won’t believe it, but there is a strategy that makes your fragrance last all day. Here is the proper way to apply perfume:
  1. Apply right after you shower on dry skin: Bathing cleanses your body of all odors and opens your pores, which is why using the scent after bath aids perfect absorption.
  2. Hold the bottle 3-6 inches away: Holding it closer, you’ll over-apply, yet further will not give you lasting.
  • Apply perfume on heated areas of your body: Body heat helps diffuse the scent all day long and melt in your skin to develop a signature scent. Heated points include your neck, chest, pulse points, forearms/inner elbows.
  1. Start with a light application: Choose one or two points and start with one spray. If scent fades quickly, spray the perfume on the other spots. Experiment with patience to know where it works best for you. Re-apply if needed!
  • Storage:You can ruin the perfume you love by storing it in the wrong place. Humidity, temperature, and light can affect the perfume’s longevity and silage and eventually kill the notes. Avoid bathrooms and store them in cool, dark places.


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