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Everyone possesses different living situations. However, there are few circumstances that every person experiences in his/her life sooner or later. Do you want to sell your house and get instant money? We buy houses Columbia and offer fast and smooth cash delivery.

Sell a property and get the cash payment

Money is the backbone to run life’s circle smoothly. If you need money and selling your property is the only option, we can help you. Our property buying process is simple. Contact us, avail of the best deal, and get a cash payment.

Why do we offer the cash payment when you sell your property? Selling a house is a difficult task and you are about to leave a place where you spent years of your life. However, once you decide to sell your house, the next step is to choose the best platform where you can sell it and get better payment.

Real estate agencies were a considerable option but now as the market is developing, you should consider the direct house buyers’ platform. We buy houses Columbia assuring to handover the full payment within 7-10 working days. No other firm can offer you such fast delivery of money.

We are local Columbian house buyers and running a family-owned business for years. We tend to maintain our business legacy considering various factors. When you approach us to sell your house, we do not charge fees as real estate agencies do. House Renewal LLC is a direct platform where you sell the house and get a cash payment.

Your comfort is our priority

You may be selling your house to overcome money problems. Buy REMEMBER, real estate agents not only charge fees but they will have their commission when your home is sold out. The commission is up to 6% of the property value. In contrast, we buy houses Columbia, neither charge fee nor demand for commission.

From single bedroom home to a larger one – We will buy

Our motto “you want to sell? We’ll buy” is reflected in our house buying deals. We do not restrict house buying considering the size. We will buy all types of houses that you have. Regardless of the house size, our investors show interest in your property. You will be paid handsome money that no other real estate agency could offer.

We don’t force, sell your Columbia house freely and willingly

House Renewal LLC is a famous home buying agency in Columbia. We don’t advertise through paper advertisements. There are reasons behind it. People prefer to choose a property dealing agency that has better reviews, and by God’s grace, our clients are satisfied with our unique house buying procedures. Our happy clients act as our advertising media and suggest others to contact us whenever they want to sell their house.

We buy houses Columbia and you have the choice to accept our offer or decline it. You are trapped when you sell your property via a real estate agency. Why? You pay for the agent’s fee. There will be countless visits to your house visits countlessly. Pile of documents moving back and forward from you to agent and agent to buy and so on. The estate agency/agent cannot assure you a specific time in which your house will be sold and you will receive money. And finally, when an agency is succeeded to sell your house, there will be a deduction from payment as a commission.

House Renewal LLC offers no-obligatory and tension-free house selling options in Columbia and its surroundings. When a homeowner contacts us to sell his/her place, there is just one house visit to confirm allocation. There is no bulky paperwork other than collecting the general owner’s information. We offer the best cash deal to homeowners. Now it is the owner’s choice to accept our deal or not. There is no fee and if the property owner accepts our offer, there will not be any commission deduction from payment. Moreover, House Renewal LLC will pay the closing.

Facing financial problems? Let us guide you

If you are mortgager and facing difficulties paying back monthly installments, we can help you. We have experts that can propose various ways to avoid bankruptcy and options to override mortgaging problems.

Did you take a loan previously and now you are facing difficulties to pay it on schedule? We do not just buy your Columbia house but offer free consultation on how to avoid foreclosure.

We buy houses in Columbia that need repair

If you are a Columbia house owner and want to sell it, you will not find a better option than House Renewal LLC. If you sell your house to us, there is no need to repair it before selling. We buy your house without considering its condition.

Repairing houses makes house owners uncomfortable because of restoration items and service charges. Selling your house through a real estate agency is a costly and no-favor option because you have to clean your house so that you can get better money offers.

Do you have poor house condition and want to sell it? Contact us, you will get charming and engaging offers. Sell us fire-burnt, low-profile, abandoned, and rundown houses.

We make customers, not sales

Maintaining business legacy by providing Columbia house buying services is our business base. We offer 24/7 business availability.

Are you facing issues selling your house? Contact us at  (803) 602-3580. You will be served with the best Columbia house selling services with no commission, no fees, and free consultation facilities.


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