Essential Sanitary Products during the Coronavirus Pandemic

John Christ, left, husband of U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Nichole Krinberg, 60th Aerial Port Squadron air transportation journeyman, shops for vegetables April 16, 2020, with Krinberg, right, inside the commissary, at Travis Air Force Base, California. Since the coronavirus pandemic, some food and household goods such as toilet paper and paper towels have become increasingly scarce. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. James Hodgman)

The essential supplies you need during the coronavirus pandemic are food and water, but do not forget the essential sanitary products too. It is always better safe than sorry. That is why it is good to make sure that you have all the basic and essential emergency supplies on hand in the battle against the deadly outbreak.

Some of the essential sanitary products we need to use and stock in our homes are soap and water, alcohol, and a hand sanitiser. But how can we benefit from each of them?


Soap and Water

Everyone is being reminded to wash their hands regularly as it is the best way to stay away from all the disease-carrying germs in your surroundings. It is also a basic way to stay healthy, which most people neglect to do. Keeping your hands dirt-free is one of the most important ways to avoid ailments and spread germs.

Most conditions and diseases are spread by not washing our hands with running water and clean soap. Australian Department of Health recommends frequent hand washing to avoid getting sick and potentially spreading them to others.

Disease prevention lessens the number of antibiotics used by people to combat illnesses, while handwashing helps in battling antibiotic resistance development. Handwashing also prevents about 20% of the respiratory infections and 30% of the diarrhoea-related diseases. Frequent hand washing reduces the number of infections, which is difficult to treat and helps prevent the overuse of antibiotics.


The basic procedures in handwashing are by soaking the hands with clean water, applying soap, lather the hands by rubbing them together at the back, between fingers and nails,  scrubbing the hands for at least 20 seconds by singing the happy birthday song twice, rinse with running water, and air dry or drying them with a clean towel.


Hand Sanitisers

One of the things you need to do is keep your hands sanitised because you often use them to touch everything, and there is a strong possibility for it to bring germs. These microorganisms may come into contact with your eyes, nose, mouth, and many other parts of your body. Thus, it is always advised to wash your hands with warm water and clean soap many times daily.


On the other hand, using a hand sanitiser is also a worthy alternative, especially if soap and water are not available. If you have not considered stocking this germ-fighter on your hygiene kits and as part of your daily cleaning agent, you may need to do so after learning its benefits and importance to everyday sanitation.


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