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Today, starting a new company or a business firm is not easy. The difficulties faced by the company itself starts from the very beginning, how to form a company? , how to manage a company? , resolving the problems arising in the new business, etc. All the tasks performed in the company can never be done on its own or by a single person and the management of work an expert may result in more production and more productive work. In this context, there is a high demand for consultancy firms as they help the firms to resolve their problems and work more efficiently. These consultants may help a LLP, an already set up company or a new start-up business. There may be difference between an LLP and a company in terms of its governance or agreements, but they help both with the same dedication. They are professionals who are properly trained in providing different services like help a new business to set-up, its incorporation, taxation, its legal assistance, payroll and other services. Their start-up services include-

  • Incorporation advisory- these consultants provide all the information related to the incorporation of a company like what are the documents required for this process, especially for the new businesses.
  • They also obtain all the registrations required for the starting up of all the operations of the company. It is important to keep these new start-up business owners aware about all the registration process so that they may not face any problem in the future. There may be a requirement of documents in case of registering for a certain product.
  • Uncertainty- they specialize in the prediction of future uncertainties and risks. So, the businesses need to the importance of these consultation companies and know that the future is very uncertain and can make changes according to these forecasts.
  • To start up a new business, they must be well aware about all the incentives and schemes of the government under the ‘Start-up India’ scheme and all the benefits that are provided to these businesses by the government of India.
  • There are various income tax benefits for these start-up companies. These consultancy firms provide all the information related to these schemes. To avail of these, one has to be registered in the government’s start-up plan.
  • For a company to work well and perform all the work efficiently and effectively, it is important to have a good business structure. This would be a better opportunity to impress the capital investors into the business soon. All the assistance is provided by these consultants.
  • They not only help in starting of the business, but they are an ongoing support for these businesses as they may provide payroll services, accounting and finance, taxation services, bookkeeping, virtual CFO services, etc.

Most of the start-up companies face problems in reaching out for services to these consultants. But these companies can be of great help for the new businesses as they need good advice at each and every step to work properly and stand in this competitive market. One can visit Sachin Gujar and Associates as best start up advisory services in Pune.


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