Reviewing The 2020 Kia Rio


Small cars still serve the purpose of those families who need simple solution for their daily errands and transportation, including occasional road trips. The 2020 Kia Rio is one such model that promises all this but additionally rewards the users with a quality feel.

The 2020 Kia Rio can be best described as a reliable, dutiful, and efficient small car that makes an ideal choice for the economy class car buyers. As per the Tomball Kia dealer it is to make the new buyers still happier that Kia is now selling the 2020 Rio models with an excellent cover of warranty. The new buyers shared their contentment with the way it drives. Many test drivers said that it drives better than many compact cars and that is what makes the 2020 Kia Rio model series more appealing.

What is Offered This Year?

This year, Kia makes the Rio series available in LX and S trim levels with more comfort features stacked up in the higher trim justifying its additional price. The entire lineup is set with a standard  1.6-liter inline-4 engine that continues to stay from the last year. It is deliberately chosen to keep the Rio models down on power to rise on fuel economy. It is paired with a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT), and together they return 36 mpg of mileage from a combined trip of city and highway drives.

It is evident from the powertrain choice of Kia that it didn’t want the Rio to be a performance master, but aimed to ease out the drudgery of daily commutes with its soft and comfortable ride, while the ones who sit behind its wheels can enjoy its crisp steering responses and the reasonably a bled sharp driving dynamics..

User Comfort

The 2020 Kia Rio in spite of being a pint sized car spreads out a spacious cabin inside its sophisticated exterior frame. Its trim dimensions suggest that it offers more space than many of its closest rivals, at a comparatively lesser price. Every user can enjoy its comfortable seats, especially the frontal ones, while the rear-seat provides surprisingly good leg and shoulder room which is in fact the most essential criteria for a family car.

Seeing the price at which the 2020 Kia Rio models are sold, everyone has to admit that the materials used are unexpectedly better. They are not only soft to touch and nice to look at but also durable and long lasting. Kia offers the 2020 Rio model with cloth upholstery as standard, but they are strong and sturdy enough to withstand the rough usage that it has to undergo as an ideal family car.

The cabins come equipped with a  standard 7.0-inch touchscreen for its latest infotainment system that works in tune with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to support smartphone functionality. The Tomball Kia dealership confirmed that the 2020 Kia Rio is covered with a 5-year warranty that once again makes it a highly rational choice for all those buyers who are impatiently awaiting to enjoy that new-car drive.


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