Reviewing Job Training Programs: Ideal to choose Career option for Students Post 12th


With academic year halfway through, the young bright minds must be aspiring to pursue the right kind of courses which will lead them to a bright career and a promising profession.  But with deep aspirations and numerous professional vis-a-vis vocational courses, it becomes stressful to keep a check between dreams and reality while analysing career insights.

Students are seen seeking guidance from seniors, tutors, specialists and working experts to pick the course to settle on affirmations. Professional choices for PCM students after 12th are by and large restricted to clinical or science degrees for which to happen, a straight 3 – year commitment is required.  For kids who have recently dropped out of school, it is difficult to perceive their goals and follow a particular track.

These days, it is critical to search for courses that incorporate include job oriented training and have a provision for practical training to make students industry-ready.

Particularly for students confronting a situation of picking a lifelong way, HCL has launched an incredible program called ‘Early Career Program.’ This program is an excellent offering by IT giant HCL, for students who wish to be financially independent immediately after 12th. Mostly, after 12th, students opt to pursue a bachelor’s degree or a diploma course, however it is essential to know the importance of financial independence immediately after completing schooling. It is the smartest choice that any student can make to build a stable career and start a career before their peers.

There are many courses that offer an on-job training pattern to support students’ aspirations to build a career as soon as possible after completing school. The Early Career program from HCL is one such course that aims on facilitating and giving wings to such aspirants

The candidates strictly undergo a 12-month on-job training program made for entry-level jobs in the IT industry. Once the applicants complete the program, they can seek full-time employment opportunities at HCL. The applicants get the dual benefits of i) continuing higher education and ii) taking up a job. They are free to enrol into a degree course at higher education institutions in India, some of which being BITS, Pilani and the SASTRA University, facilitated by our ‘TechBee’ program. The 12-months hybrid training program focuses on the overall holistic development of a student who have just stepped out of school. This work-integrated learning package fits aptly to all the needs of the gen-next. It strategically positions a course that is a blend of a top-quality engineering jobs and give the students an opportunity to pursue education from India’s best tech-institutes.

The trainees of this program start their professional lives with employment at HCL Technologies. The program has an early-stage benefit for the students being that in a short duration of 5 years, the students earn the perks of working with prestigious institutions for four years and gain professional experience, while also have an academic degree from the best universities.

The course has the following stages wherein candidates are professionally trained to be a part of the IT industry.

  • Classroom Training: This includes intense preparation followed by three – six months of apprenticeship where candidates work on live projects.
  • Higher Education: While working at HCL, these scholars can enrol for higher education programs at SASTRA University and BITS Pilani. The candidates can opt for courses like B.Sc, BCA, MCA, M.Tech, M.Sc.

When looking for Career Options for PCM students after 12th, why choose this Early Career Program?

  • Financial Independence and World Class Training: Stipend during training, and a program offering modern technologies. Earn excellent packages after placement!
  • Start early and Explore more opportunities: Be ahead of your peers to kickstart a career in the IT sector.


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