Samurai Katana review

The samurai sword was the most essential weapon for samurai peoples. It was the sign of the battle substantial power, obedience, and fidelity for the samurai people. It acts as a succor in the battlefield. Swords are getting popularity because of the trending era of historical events and game shows.

It is one of the best exceptional swords generated by Masamune, the most admirable sword ever made. It represents family treasure as an inheritance in samurais. It was used since Mongols. Now a day’s swords are placed and survived in museums as a great asset of Japan.

How were they made?

Manufacturing katana and shirasaya sword is a highly strained artwork. Swordsmith warmed lumps of steel, beaten them, and molded. Processing through warm-up and cool down, a razor shaped pointy edge blade attained. After processing through grinder and polisher it becomes exceptional and sparkling.

How to use Katana and Shirasaya Properly?

  1. Position yourself in front of the prey (target).
  2. Right hand (dominating hand) should be on the top while other non-dominating hands on the bottom around the sword.
  3. Now elevate your sword perpendicular to the ground above your head and now strike at an angle that you want.
  4. After hitting the target or prey you should keep your sword back into the sheath of that dagger.

Quality matters a lot, one should use the best material in grinding and properly remove the impurities, and the katana which is made up of worthy material is more sharp and long-lasting than the other one with impurities. Forging and molding should be properly done.


Samurai sword is more than just a weapon. In samurai’s tribe, it is a symbol of faith and authority. It is so important that when a child is born in samurais it is placed near to it and he carries it through his entire life. More info about shirasaya sword click here.


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